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Tips to fuel your journey back to the gym

Ahhh, the gyms are finally open!  

After what seems like a lifetime, Boris has finally given us the greenlight and we have been reunited with cardio machines and as many weights as our hearts desire. Whether you are a seasoned pro or are signing up to your very first membership, this return can seem a little daunting... 

It has been months since many of us held a dumbbell, let alone a barbell, and used fancy machines. Sowe have teamed up with one of our ambassadors, @annabel_fitness and our resident physiologist, to give you some tips on heading back and why properly fuelling your workouts as important as the movement itself.  



How to tackle getting back into it – the first steps!  

Ease yourself back in slowly, ensuring you use lower weights than usual and cut back on your rep ranges.  


Prevent delayed onset muscle soreness by ensuring you stretch properly before and after your workout 


Hydrate! Especially in this warm weather (although who knows how long it will last) water is incredibly important, the government recommend a daily intake of between six-eight glasses. Not onlydo you need to replenish the water you lose, but drinking during your workout replaces the lost electrolytes, sodium and glucose, as well as helping your body recover.  


Be aware your muscles will fatigue more quickly after this break. Try foam rolling which can prevent and help muscle soreness, as well as sleep and active recovery (walking, swimming etc).   


You may have lost muscle mass because of not training. However, your endurance may be higher if you have been running more or doing HIIT training. This aerobic fitness can lead to more stamina, as you have better blood flow.  


Fuelling your body correctly 

Protein is important before a workout as they give the body amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscle! Studies have shown consuming protein pre-workout can improve performance in sessions and improve muscle recovery. During exercise, the muscles are put under stress which damages the tissue. You need protein post-workout to heal this and reduce recovery time.  


Adults are advised to eat 0.75g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight per day, based on the UK government Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI). But, this changes if you're aiming to build or maintain muscle mass, try to eat between 1.4-2g per kilogram of bodyweight instead. The lower end is for endurance athletes and around 2g for someone trying to lose weight while maintaining lean muscle. 

Carbohydrates are also vital as they are your body’s main source of fuelDuring longer sessions, your glycogen stores are limited - so you need to break down carbs for more energy. If your glycogen stores deplete, your body starts to break down valuable muscle for energyAnd we don’t want that!  


Both protein and carbs combined are a powerhouse to prevent muscle breakdown - making them the perfect workout FUEL. Carbs will replenish glycogen stores and protein delivers amino acids as well as repair the breakdown of existing muscle triggered by exercise. And the best part? All our products contain both 


So, give your body a good 30-minute window to digest and grab a small piece of toast or bagel. Load with some FUEL10K Nut Butter or have small bowl of Fruit Loaded Granola for the perfect pre-workout. And, if you need something post-workout for a protein hit - luckily, our Granola and Porridge are boosted with it. See? We have thought of everything!  



Workout ideas: 

Upper body:  

Dumbbell upright rows (5X 10) 

Side lateral raises (5X10) 

Barbell overhead press (5 X 5) 

Barbell rows (5X10) 

Barbell bicep curls (5X10) 


Full body: 

Squats (12X5) 

Power cleans (5X5) 

Kettlebell swings (12X5) 

Single leg Romanian deadlifts (12X5) 

Bicep curls supersetted with single arm rows (12X5)  


Lower body: 

Back squats (4X12) 

Overhead squats (4X10) 

Sumo deadlift (4X12) 

Romanian deadlift (4X12) 



Remember your journey is more than just exercise. Do what works for youAll these workouts require minimal equipment, allowing you to set up your space in the gym and perform your workout as safely as possible.  Also, don’t be afraid to continue home workouts, whether it is Joe Wicks or an 80’s dance workout on YouTube, anything that gets the body moving and releases endorphins is great! 

At FUEL10K, it’s been our MISSION to create delicious, convenient products with you and your fitness goals in mind.  We are right behind you all the way to FUEL your journey.  Go smash it!