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Myth Busting Those Crazy Claims

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With crazy headlines and diet fads, it can be hard to work out what's healthy and who to trust. We’ve teamed up with one of our ambassadors to debunk some of these common myths so you don’t have to.    

Myth 1: Protein makes you bulky   

Providing you aren’t eating more calories than you burn, you will not become bulky or gain body fat. Some people worry that high protein intakes will make them fat, but it can have the opposite effect!    

Protein serves as an appetite suppressant due to a slower gastric emptying rate. This leads to a reduced blood glucose response compared to carbohydrates. Protein also has a greater thermogenic effect than the other macronutrients which means that by eating protein, the body temperature increases and thus speeds up the metabolism. Also, the higher the percentage of muscle the higher your metabolism – the more calories you burn while resting.    

Having said that protein cannot be consumed without a limit. Protein and amino acids consumed in excess will be converted into glucose. Therefore, if high levels are consumed regularly and are not utilised they will be stored as body fat.    


Myth 2: Running is better for you than walking.   

This is a massive misconception. When you run or walk you are targeting the same muscle groups and as such, one is no “better” than the other. Running is carried out at a much higher intensity so your energy burn per time will be more, but walking is just as good - it just takes a little longer!   


Myth 3: Running on a treadmill is as effective as running outside.   

Running outside has been proven to be MUCH more effective. If you run outside you encounter uneven terrain and variable weather - both of which cause your muscles to work harder. This makes your workout more effective and burns more calories in the process.  Alternatively, you could just put the treadmill on an incline, so really it’s just personal preference! 


Myth 4: Pain is essential for growing muscle.   

Although it is important to participate in hard workouts to boost your fitness, pain does NOT always mean gain! It’s true that DOMS, often due to micro tears in muscle fibre, can enhance muscle growth to an extent. However, too much of this can cause more harm than good. If you feel a sharp or unfamiliar pain anywhere it important to stop exercising. Carrying on could result in injury, which will set you back your training schedule massively.   


Myth 5: Snacking is bad...   

Stop right there. Snacking is NOT bad, it's great!    

Firstly, if you are craving a snack, there’s probably a reason for that. You’re hungry! It’s important to honour your body and how you feel, it’s normal to feel peckish between mealtimes and need a snack. Snacking also helps keep you satisfied, and research has shown it prevents overeating at meals and actively helps with weight management.    

Snacks also don’t have to be unhealthy! We have a wide range of delicious cookies, oat bars, and muffin pots which can help you beat the afternoon slump and are packed with protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer!   


Myth 6: You shouldn’t eat breakfast.    

Breakfast has a reputation as the ‘most important meal of the day,’ but recent shifts towards intermittent fasting claim that skipping breakfast is more beneficial. In reality, breakfast is a great way to get nutrients into your body and get you up for the day. Sometimes you might not be hungry in the morning, yet others need to eat as soon as they wake up. It’s personal to you. 

If you struggle with finding time to eat, our breakfast range is designed to fuel busy people, with a huge range of protein-boosted options including granola, porridge, and muffins pots which can be ready in under a minute.    


Myth 7: You shouldn’t eat carbs in the evening.   

Eating late in the evening has been claimed to cause weight gain, but they're the same any time in the day. Their chemical composition doesn’t change because it’s dark outside!   

This reputation is likely to have appeared because snacks can be hard to control, easily accessible, and high in calories. But if you eat a balanced diet, nothing needs to be labelled bad.    

Our muffins make a great dessert and can be served with fruit, yogurt, ice cream, or even straight from the pot. The perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth and have a tasty, filling dessert at the same time.  

Share with your friends, family, and even the person walking down the street! It’s important you remember to do what makes you feel good and works for you (while not forgetting your FUEL10K snacks at the same time).    


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