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Tips for starting a plant-based diet




With January fast approaching, many people might be planning to try Veganuary or switching to a plant-based diet.  

Lots of people might be trying out a plant-based diet for Veganuary as a new year's resolution or perhaps just trying to incorporate more vegan or vegetarian meals into their week. A plant-based diet is one that is based around plants with few or no animal ingredients. This can include vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian diets. 

We've teamed up with some awesome nutritionists to give you some quick tips for a plant-based diet: 


1 – Start off with small changes. You don’t have to go vegan or vegetarian overnight! You could first start off swapping one or two meals a week with a meat-free option, e.g., ‘meat-free Monday’. Breakfast can be a great place to start as this can easily be made completely plant-based. 

2 – Meal prep your food! If you already have healthy plant-based food prepared at home then you are less likely to choose something else. You could meal prep 1-2 times per week so dinners & lunches are always prepared when you need them. 

3 – Make sure to include a B12 supplement in your diet, as plant-based foods do not naturally contain this (we love Get More Vits B12 drink!). B12 helps keep your body’s blood and nerve cells healthy.