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Pancake Day


Pancake Day

Pancake Day is nearly here 🥞 This blog is full of tasty pancake recipe ideas, try one or try them all, and make sure to tag us in your tasty creations!

*Queue Rusted Root 'Send Me on My Way' (if you know, you know)*


Chocolate Porridge Pancakes

Did you know you can also use our Chocolate Porridge to make delicious pancakes? Click HERE for all the details.


Chocolate Muffin Pancakes

Chocolate Oat Muffin? How about Chocolate Oat Muffin pancakes! This quick and easy recipe makes the perfect breakfast or snack. Click HERE for all the details.


Golden Syrup Pancakes

4 ingredients, 1 tasty recipe. Click HERE for all the details. 


Granola Pancake Topper

Why not use our Granola as an additional pancake topper, adding that extra crunch 💥

Granola on pancakes