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FUEL10K Reduces 27 Tonnes of Plastic

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It’s just one straw...said 8 billion people.

The topic of plastic is constantly blasted across our media channels, it’s a subject we’re reminded of on a day-to-day basis. At FUEL10K we want to make sure we’re playing our part in making our world a cleaner and less plastic-filled place. Read about how we did our part!

We like to think that we’re pretty good at making delicious, ‘better for you’ breakfasts that ticks the box of convenience, taste and functionality. But behind the scenes there is one aspect of what we do that gets just as much focus as making great tasting breakfast. Our packaging.

A growing need for convenience brings with it an increased packaging requirement, and for FUEL10K, making sure that we are focused on as much renewable and recyclable packaging as possible is of the utmost importance.

Back in 2019, our porridge pots consisted of a clear plastic tray, plastic shrink film, a plastic pot, card sleeve, plastic film seal and a plastic over-lid! We know, we know- far too much! Not only was all this plastic contributing nothing to the taste, quality and overall delivery of the product but was adding extra costs. So, we started with the plastic over-lid and removed this from our packaging completely. This works out to 4 million individual pieces of plastic lids no longer in use each year. That is a total of 12 tonnes of reduction in plastic packaging. But we didn’t stop there.

In a matter of weeks, we were then able to remove the plastic tray and shrink wrap. It was replaced by a 100% recycled corrugated cardboard case, which is 100% recyclable too. We also replaced the plastic film lid with a foil lid which is also fully recyclable resulting in an additional reduction of 15 tonnes of plastic. All these changes meant we now have a fully recyclable porridge pot whilst reducing more than 27 tonnes of plastic from this range alone. To help increase the recyclability of the pot, it is important to separate the card sleeve from the polypropylene cup – this means both elements can be fully recycled.

Did you know....?

That if you used reusable bags when shopping, you’d reduce your plastic bag consumption by 22,000 – yep, you heard that right! Thank goodness for our £5 FUEL10K tote bags. Make a difference and get yours here.


We fully believe that being more selective about how plastic is used within our packaging means we can continually work towards more sustainable alternatives. So, for just one small brand that finds itself competing in a scary category full of much bigger brands, we can proudly say we are leading the way on reducing plastic packaging and doing the right thing. 27 tonnes of plastic removed tells us that we’re on to something with this. But we’ve only just got started.