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The news is out! Our signature clusters are now available in two mouth-watering new flavours.    

For the coffee lovers, we have Mocha, made with coffee extract and dark chocolate curls, whilst for the more traditional we have Fruit & Nut, made with almonds, peanuts, sultanas and real fruit pieces.  

Our granola makes mornings easy; the hard part is picking a favourite flavour. With FIVE incredible flavours in our granola range, there’s plenty of choice, so why have just one?  

We’ve created some epic breakfast ideas to fuel your working day using our Protein Boosted Granola.   


Have a super start to the week and beat the Monday blues with our Super Berry Granola.

One way to have a healthier start to the week is a smoothie bowl, just like this incredible one from our ambassador @onetastyfeed.  

To make a Berry Smoothie Bowl, simply:   

Blitz together a handful of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries in a blender with protein powder and coconut yogurt until smooth (we recommend using The Coconut Collaborative, Raspberry & Hibiscus).  

Pour into a bowl before topping with extra chopped fruit, FUEL10K Smooth Peanut Butter and a big handful of our Super Berry Granola. The best part? It takes less than 5 minutes to make and contains 3 of your 5 a day. Talk about a super breakfast...  


#TOASTTUESDAY and granola don’t go together, right? Wrong. Our chunky clusters are a great way to add some extra crunch to your toast in the morning.  

Use our Chunky Chocolate Granola to top your favourite spread on toast. The flavour combinations are endless. From jam and chopped strawberries to banana and Biscoff spread, our granola is the perfect addition to your morning routine. Look at this epic creation from @outstandingoats.     


Hump day has hit, and what better way to get through it than with our new Mocha Granola. These chunky clusters are made with oven-toasted oats and coffee extract and topped with dark chocolate curls for the ultimate mid-week breakfast 

All you need to do is pour a serving into a bowl and top it with milk (or a plant-based alternative of your choice). The coffee extract seeps into the milk and tastes like you're drinking a mocha, although nothing's stopping you from also having one with your breakfast.   


Did you know all our granola range is vegan?

Our Peanut Crunch Granola is the perfect pairing to a big bowl of fruit, giving it extra fibre and crunch. If you fancy healthy pudding for breakfast, try topping some roasted fruit with a helping of granola and you’ve got a twist on the classic British dessert. @thehungry.medic has created this delicious roasted pear pot topped with our Peanut Crunch Granola.  



Celebrate the end of the week with our NEW Fruit & Nut GranolaWe’re giving this traditional flavour a protein boosted twist, along with added almonds, peanuts, sultanas, and real fruit pieces. This high fibre breakfast is guaranteed to fuel your Friday fun! 

Serve on its own, with milk, or with a big dollop of Greek yogurt in a bowl. But watch out, this one is addictive! You’ll find yourself going back for another handful or two...   

We’ve also got not one, but TWO epic offers to celebrate our new flavour launches.  
We’re currently offering you 20% off with the code GRANOLA20 on our website. Unsure which to pick? Try our online exclusive bundle, containing one box of each new flavour for just £4.80.