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Chocolate Loaded Porridge


Is there anything better than chocolate? It’s my kryptonite, so when I discovered it was World Chocolate Day, I HAD to show you my favourite ways to eat it for breakfast.

The best thing about breakfast is that it doesn’t have to be hard to make. Fuel 10K have created a range that takes the hard work out of breakfast and make mornings easy. So, get ready for a tasty idea which is high in protein, and most importantly, contains lots of chocolate!  



- 1 pot of Double Chocolate Porridge
- ½ pot of Chunky Chocolate Granola
- 1 tablespoon Chocolate Peanut Butter
- ½ Double Chocolate Oat Cookie 


1.  All you need to do is create the porridge as instructed on the pot,
2. Pour into a bowl and top with the peanut butter, granola and crumbled cookie!

Didn’t believe me when I said breakfast didn’t need to be difficult?

If you fancy saving on washing up, you can even skip putting it in a bowl. This does mean less room for protein-boosting toppings though… 

Here we have a loaded chocolate porridge, topped with chocolate peanut butter, granola and a double chocolate cookie. This filling breakfast is great for re-fuelling after a workout, and satisfies your sweet tooth COMPLETELY! 

Go on.. Make your own!