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This month we’re partnering with FareShare to donate over half a million meals to those in need. How exactly are we going about this? Who’ll receive the meals? Why did we decide this was such an important partnership? Read on and all will be revealed!


There are over 8 million people in the UK who are struggling to eat, with 4.7 million of these people living in severely food insecure homes. This means their food intake is greatly reduced and children regularly experience physical sensations of hunger. At a time too when many are struggling more than ever, we realised we are fortunate to be able to help. We’ve partnered with the UK’s food redistribution charity FareShare to donate a portion of porridge to someone in need for every pot of porridge that we sell this month. Through their network of 11,000 frontline organisations across the UK, FareShare will distribute our donations to those who need it most.  

Jason Kerr, Co- Founder of FUEL10K, explains: 'this collaboration with Fareshare means so much to the entire FUEL10K family and we're delighted to be working so closely with them. We count ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to donate more than 500,000 great tasting breakfasts, especially at a time when foodbanks and school meals have such a huge need for them.' 

FareShare rely on a team of roughly 1.500 volunteers to distribute food across the country, and they support almost 1 million people each week. This ranges from people accessing homeless shelters, after school clubs and older people's lunch clubs. FareShare not only help feed people across the country, but also draw attention to the issues the food industry has with wasting edible food. We hope that you will get involved with our initiative, and head to your local grocery or convenience store, or visit amazon or our website and pick up a pot.  

Each pot is made to keep you fuelled for longer, they have over 13 grams of protein and come in five delicious flavours. Our porridge pots are quick and easy to make. Simply add hot water and leave to stand for a nutritious (and delicious) breakfast ready in the time it takes to make your morning cup of tea! 

So join us to help those in need, a meal for you is a meal for someone in need.