Frances Lewthwaite - Jan 05 2021

FUEL10K takes on Veganuary

January has quickly become synonymous with hundreds of thousands of people ditching animal products, but what exactly is this all about?

Veganuary is a registered charity that launched in the UK in 2014, at its heart it is a 31 day pledge for participants to ditch animal products. It has since inspired and supported almost 1 million people in 192 different countries to try vegan for January and beyond. In fact, data suggests that more than 10 times as this number participate and try going vegan in January each year.  

Out of the 400,350 sign ups last year, 38% of those cited health as being the reason for their doing so. Another study issued by Kantar found that in fact 55% gave up animal products in January to be healthier. Here at FUEL10K we are well placed to support those participants, offering a 15 product strong vegan range, all protein boosted, high in fibre and low in sugar.  

Do your part this Veganuary!

If you’re doing Veganuary, incorporating more vegan products into your diet or simply looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, we’re also helping you with the exercise bit too!

We’re working with GoJoe to encourage you to get moving this month. Get involved by downloading the GoJoe app here for iOS or Android.

 Head to discover then events to find the FUEL10K vegan vs. non-vegans challenge, where you can run and walk alongside professional athletes and social media influencers to up your steps and win epic prizes! 

FUEL your Veganuary

When trying a new diet like Veganuary, and adopting healthier habits, many struggle to get in the right nutrients and fuel correctly.

That is why we are offering 25% off our entire vegan range on our website until the 15th January, so that you can stock up on our nutritious range and fuel your month. These include our new products that we launched in 2020, such as our Chocolate Oat Drink and Protein Oat Bars in four delicious flavour’s. Don’t forget too that you can also find our vegan range in such retailers as Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

It’s not just breakfast and snacks either, we’re able to support those doing Veganuary with their lunches or dinners too, as The Complete Meal is available in a vegan variant in a vanilla flavour. Containing 100% of your NRV, 26 grams of protein and absolutely no added sugar, it can be purchased for as little as £1.58 per meal. 

FUEL10K Vegan Vanilla Complete Meal

Discover our Vegan Range

Chunky Chocolate Granola Pot (8 x 70g)

Available in three flavour’s: Chunky Chocolate, Super Berry and Peanut Crunch. Each serving contains roughly 8g of protein, 4.5g of fibre and contains added vitamins, so every bowl is nutritious and will keep you full till lunch.

Superseed Peanut Butter (8 x 225g)

Three delicious flavours of Peanut Butter all available in handy squeezy pouches, perfect for taking with you on your GoJoe challenge walks!

Double Chocolate Oat Cookie (12 x 50g)

Packed with melt in your mouth chocolate pieces and crunchy soy protein crispies they taste so indulgent that you wouldn't believe each cookie contains over 10g of protein and less than 2g of sugar.

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