Our Story

Hello! We are FUEL10K. Innovating breakfast since 2013.


We’re an active bunch here at FUEL10K HQ, but we’ve always struggled to find a breakfast that really keeps us going. A breakfast with real pizzazz that tastes great, ticks the healthy boxes and doesn’t require any faffing about during those precious morning minutes.

So we made our own. We call it FUEL10K. It’s a delicious, protein-boosted breakfast that delivers just what you need in the mornings without any messing around, making it the perfect start for people who don’t stop.

It’s working for us. We hope it works for you too.

What’s with the 10K?

For some, it could be a long run. For us it has become a philosophy.

Malcolm Gladwell once wrote that if you want to become brilliant at anything, you need to practise for 10,000 hours.

So whether it’s learning to code or dancing the cha-cha, martial arts or mountaineering, you need to make every hour count.

That’s why we start the day with FUEL10K.

At FUEL10K we like challenges, we believe in working hard and playing harder, we believe that with passion, dedication and a bit of humility we can achieve extraordinary things. That’s why these have become our guiding principles:

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called PASSION. Our passion is to make mornings easier, what’s yours?

Commitment to stay the course despite the ups and downs, a key quality in challenging the boring big boys of breakfast.

A small team, committed to a cause bigger than themselves, can achieve absolutely anything. A key quality in challenging the status quo of breakfast.