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2013. Chris Froome won the Tour de France, Prince George was born and, no one knew what an emoji was. Happy times for the nation, indeed.

But we remember it slightly differently. That was the year we took a leap of faith to create something for us:  A new breakfast; A breakfast drink that would remove the hassle of that time-sucking morning routine; a breakfast porridge that would be quick, easy and above all would taste great; a breakfast cookie that’s better for you and better suited our crazy busy, cutting-edge lifestyles.

Breakfast FUEL – tasty, better for you, mornings made easy!

Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell, the thinker-extraordinaire and cultivator of fantastic hair, we bought into the theory that if you want to excel in any field of endeavour, you need to practice for 10,000 hours. Hooked on this discipline of commitment, we strapped ‘10K’ to the word FUEL to remind ourselves that to master our craft, we won’t only be making the hours count, but we will be counting the hours too.

FUEL10K was born.

Journalists tweeted. Supermarkets squawked. Weetabix shrieked. And people demanded ‘More!’. A new movement in breakfast had arrived and we lead the charge. We listen to you, our customers, and we’re constantly striving to make FUEL10K breakfast the best it can be. And if there’s ever a chance to outpace the head-scratching, corporate behemoths that call us a rival, we will float like a butterfly, sting like a bee*.

Team FUEL10K are a passionate bunch. We are committed to making your breakfast taste better and your mornings made easier. We’re here to share what might inspire you and to encourage you on your journey. Whatever that may be.

Start your day with us.


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