Complete nutrition in just 4 scoops. Making a meal has never been easier.


What Is The Complete Meal? 

The Complete Meal is a nutritional shake that aims to provide a complete and balanced set of nutrients that is equivalent to one meal. It can replace breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just be enjoyed in addition to usual meals.  

What’s Inside? 

We’ve packed a lot inside your 4-scoop serving! In addition to 100% NRV of 26 vitamins and minerals, there's a nutritious balance of macronutrients. Wholegrain oats and flaxseed are slow-release carbohydrates, which alongside the 8.5g of fibre, will help keep you feeling fuller for longer. It also contains a huge 26g of protein, and an adequate amount of healthy fats, Omega 3 and 6.  

One thing it doesn’t contain however is any added sugar! 


>8.5g FIBRE


100% NRV

Why Would You Use The Complete Meal Over A Regular Meal? 

 This is often the first question we get when talking about The Complete Meal. There are various reasons that someone might incorporate it into their routine, ranging from nutritional benefits to convenience. Here are some of the most common: 

The Complete Meal provides you with a health-protecting blend of 23 vitamins and minerals. No more reminders to take your vitamins or adding extra kale to get more minerals into your diet! The micronutrients in our shakes are essential, performing hundreds of roles in the body. Unlike some other meal replacement shakes, 100% of your NRV for vitamins and minerals are included in just one serving. So, rather than needing multiple shakes, your daily dose of vitamins and minerals can be easily met.  

Time is a commodity, particularly in the current climate when we want to make the most out of the summer weather and being allowed outside! Forget laborious meal prep, The Complete Meal allows you to have a nutritious and delicious meal in seconds. No culinary experience or lots of tupperware are required! They are also easily stored and can be enjoyed anywhere with one of our shakers (which are complimentary with all first subscriptions!). 

It’s a common misconception that complete meal shakes are expensive, however, this isn’t the case for ours. The Complete Meal starts at just £1.75 per meal - less than a takeaway coffee! 

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Don't just take our word for it... Read what our customers say!


As Vegan Im buying just Vegan Vanilla and love it, even with water is really good taste. I drink it while do hard physical demanding job where is no time for extra meal and this is ideal replacement.


The Complete Meal Rocks (...)  FUEL's Complete Meal is the first time I have consumed something rich in taste and health benefits without my bowels working in overdrive. Not to mention just one of these bad boys and I'm fuller than a centipede's sock draw. Highly recommend!

Amazon Customer

Having been a user of many different shakes over years including the likes of SiS and Huel i can safely say this is my favourite so far. For me the most important factors in choosing a shake are both taste and nutritionals and this ticks both those boxes! I also find it really useful after a training session as a supplement (i train approx 10 times a week so eat a lot!), it being super tasty and having all required nutritional elements to make it a meal is absolutely ideal! Thanks FUEL 10k!


I have been using FUEL10K Meal replacement for breakfasts when I go running and chocolate granola for the non running days (...) 
Recommend Fuel10K products are we both have more energy, have lost a lot of weight and feel more focused later on in the day when we normally start flagging.
We both love the Strawberry and Banana, I really enjoyed the chocolate meal and I cant wait to try the vanilla.

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