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  • Microwave or reheat porridge pots?

    We’re afraid not – you should only add boiling water to the pot and fill to the line and let it sit for two minutes with the lid on. Do not try to reheat the pot for any reason – esp using a microwave as the aluminium foil lid and also the logo could cause damage.

  • Can I recycle the packaging from FUEL10K?

    Yes – all our packaging is recyclable. The cardboard we use is recycled already, the plastic inner liners can be put out in the plastics recycling bin and our Tetra Pak cartons also have an end of life home too (they are collected for recycling in most Local Authority areas across the UK. Check out locations on

  • Any allergens I need to be concerned about?

    We take this very seriously (as you would expect) – check the individual product descriptions carefully. Our granolas particularly do contain nuts or are made in a factory that does. Look out for dairy, soy, gluten, sesame and others too.

  • Are FUEL10K products vegetarian and/or vegan?

    All of our products are suitable for vegetarians – but we can’t guarantee they are all suitable for vegans (sorry!) have a look at the product descriptions for more info.

  • You talk about Protein a lot – what’s that all about?

    We are not sure that many people really understand what Protein is or does but most people have heard it’s a good thing – especially in the morning after an 8 hour snooze.

    What we do know is that the right protein can be pretty useful. Here’s just a few of the benefits that we know of:

    1. Makes you feel fuller for longer
    2. Helps manage your weight by filling you up
    3. Helps improve your mood
    4. Stabilises Blood sugar levels
    5. Promotes healthy brain function and learning
    6. Helps maintain strong bones and muscles
    7. Promotes a healthy heart
    8. Slows aging and promotes longevity
    9. Helps you pick the winning lottery numbers

    Clever stuff that Protein!

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