What the bloomin’ Heck is Quark?

What the bloomin’ heck is Quark?
7th November 2016 FUEL10K
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Donald likes a bit of Quark

Hint. It has nothing to do with ducks.
Maybe ducks work out though.

Breakfast Just Got Better!

Every now and again, something seriously awesome comes along and changes the way things work, and we feel pretty much that way about our Quark and breakfast. We may, of course, be wrong about that, but either way here’s an explanation about what we’re quarking on about…

Quark is like yoghurt in taste and texture, but behind the scenes it’s a very different beast, with less fat, and more protein. It fills a space somewhere between yoghurt and cheese… If you don’t need to know how it’s made, skip the next paragraph!

So, interested Quarkers, it’s made by warming soured milk to a point where the milk proteins separate out, in a process called curdling. A culture is then added, much as is done to cultivate yoghurt – for quark we use lactic acid. Then the whey is drained off through a cheesecloth, forming the creamy beauty that we know as Quark.


What’s got us excited is how we can use it– to date it’s been sold alongside the cheeses and yoghurts, but we figured it is the perfect vehicle for a quick and easy snack, with all the right ingredients – Super protein levels, and low in fat and salt – so we’ve put quark together with some delicious fruits, and made a grab-and-go pouch to go with it.
And that, my friends, is what the bloomin’ heck Quark is. Awesomeness in a pouch.

Thanks for reading – To find out how to get fuelled for the day, head on over to the shop and check them out for yourself.

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