Time for a challenge

Time for a challenge
27th February 2017 FUEL10K
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It’s time to take on a challenge people! I’ve been struggling to keep up my fitness routine this month and having just booked a place in an obstacle race for the summer, am feeling way more focused on getting back into shape – so I thought I’d put a list together of the best events out there.

Pick one, book it, and get training, and Summer will be here before you know it!

Image © X Runner

X runner

X runner offers 3 events through the year, all taking place around the midlands. With a 5 or 10km option the running isn’t too daunting, and there are loads of obstacles, water-slides and muddy moments to make it all more entertaining. Choose from 1st April, 8th July or 23rd September. Check it out and buy tickets at www.xrunner.co.uk

Image © Spartan Events


The Spartan has something for all levels, with 3 grades of race to choose from. There’s the Spartan Sprint at 5km with 20 obstacles and the Spartan Super at 13km. For those of you who need a bigger challenge, try the Spartan Beast, with 20km+ and more than 30 obstacles to take on. They have events through the Summer, and also a Championship if you want to get competitive. Sign up at www.spartanrace.uk

Image © Rough Runner

Rough Runner

If you’ve ever watched Total Wipeout or Gladiators and fancied a go, then this is for you. All the obstacles are designed around the TV show challenges, and again with 5, 10 and 15km courses, you can pick and choose depending on your fitness level. There are events across the country from April to September, so there’s no excuse about travel – get booking at www.roughrunner.com

Image © Zombie Evacuation Race

Zombie Evacuation Race

This is a bit niche, so if you don’t fancy being eaten by/just being a zombie, then skip to the next entry! It’s the same concept as the others, but there are hundreds of pretty realistic zombies chasing you around the course. Get caught and you become one of the Zombies. You can also sign up as a zombie from the start and just spend a happy day chasing humans in a scary kind of way. Events run in East Anglia in September and London in October. https://www.zombieevacuation.com It’s a scary world out there…

Image © Human Race

Human Race

Not an obstacle course at all, but I thought I best include a more traditional option for those of you that want more running and less clambering. Human Race have been running a huge range of Triathlons for 26 years and they know what they’re doing. With tons of events around the country there’s bound to be something that suits, so if you’re keen for a bit of running, cycling and swimming head on over to www.humanrace.co.uk to get involved.

FUEL10K Breakfast Range

FUEL10K doesn’t make obstacle races, but if we did they’d probably be the… oh no, that’s someone else’s slogan. What we DO do is make the protein-boosted breakfasts to get you through it, so look out for us in the breakfast aisle at your supermarket, or come and have a gander online.

Best of luck with your chosen challenge, and let us know what’s getting you going at:


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