The new Cold Shower in the morning

Protein – the new Cold Shower in the morning
6th December 2016 FUEL10K
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The old school way to kickstart the day

Cold Shower vs Protein – your call!

Not so long ago, a cold shower was the best way to kickstart your body in the morning – luckily there’s a new Cold Shower in town, and it’s called Protein.
Protein’s rise to fame began in the 50s with a few terminator-esque rippling fanatics who realized Protein boosts would help them get ripped quicker – as ‘the workout’ spread into a mass-market pastime so too did protein’s fame, and by the 90’s it was understood to also help the body in post-workout recovery.
Cue the turn of the century, and things get even brighter for the magical nutrient – Protein intake is linked to high satiety, (in case it bugs you, I just looked up the pronunciation – Sat-EYE-ity), meaning that eating it keeps you feeling fuller for longer – awesome in a world increasingly interested in weight-loss.

Protein as we know it today has an amazing list of attributes. Amongst others it HELPS the body burn fat, assists with better brain function, gives you plenty of energy and helps to regulate your emotional balance. All in, that’s a pretty epic ingredient for life. While we’re on the subject you should also know that amongst the many proteins there’s one called Sonic Hedgehog and one called Pikachurin, after the pokemon character – who says scientists don’t have a bit of fun now and then…
So for those of you who find a blast of icy water in the morning a bit much, happy days! Protein’s a welcome option. Those of you who like the cold shower, well you’re braver than I am, and I suggest you get some porridge down you pronto!
Thanks for reading – To find out how to get fuelled for the day, head on over to the shop and check out the range.

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