We make morning FUEL for busy people.

We are FUEL10K. We make morning FUEL for busy people. Our breakfast range will always taste great, be packed full of nutritional benefits, and easy to eat, wherever you are and regardless of lifestyle.

People approach Breakfast in different ways. Some have time for a bowl of granola at the kitchen table before work, others prefer to swig a breakfast drink on the way from the gym to the office. Our breakfast range has been created to take the hard work out of breakfast and make mornings easy.

At FUEL10K, we believe in continuous improvement. We are proud of our products, but we think over time they can always get better and have less impact on the environment. As consumer demand and tastes change, we want to change, and as innovation helps us improve and lessen our impact on the environment, we want to lead on this.

We strive to make our packaging as sustainable and recyclable as possible. As a business wanting to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose we are pleased to have become a certified B Corp company.

Our Values


Be original. Be pioneers. Push new boundaries. We will explore new routes to lead through innovation and entrepreneurialism.


As the 10K theory states continuous improvement gets us closer to perfect. We will reinvent, stay nimble and inspire others. 


We will work responsibly, treat everyone with equal value
and treat the planet with the utmost respect. 

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We will promote a dynamic, inclusive and enjoyable culture across all the relationships we come across. 

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Doing business in a clear, open way is a commitment we work hard to keep, and we promote transparency where possible throughout our industry.

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Our Mission

It’s just one straw...said 8 billion people.

Our value and mission highlights the respect for  the environment we have as an organisation.  At FUEL10K we want to make sure we’re playing our part in making our world a cleaner and less plastic-filled place. Not just for us, but for future generations as well. April 2020 marked the 1-year anniversary of when we took a brave step inreducing our plastic packaging use by 27 tonnes and opted for greater recycled content materials 

Our Journey

How We Started

They say that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. We say that granola is what happened when we were busy making other products.

It was a chance meeting with a cereal buyer at a trade show who led us to develop a new range of granola. A range that was aimed at younger, active people who live busy lifestyles. A granola that was properly filling and properly delicious. This was quickly followed by porridge pots that would sustain you through the day and breakfast drinks you could swig on the go – when you don’t have time for anything else.

Morning fuel for people like us, with lifestyles like ours.




Protein, Fibre


Easy Solutions, Hassle Free Choice 


Environmental, Sustainable 

Our Story

We have always believed in Malcom Gladwell’s much heralded theory: that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in something. Over the years we have spent hours making and selling food for other companies and it was time to do this for ourselves. A chance to make morning fuel for people like us, with lifestyles like ours. This theory and opportunity resonated with our aims and the name FUEL10K was born.

Not only do we work hard to make convenient and better tasting breakfast, but we strive to make our products sustainable in all ways possible.

We’re not perfect. There’s still loads to do and thousands of hours needed to do them. But all of us are dedicated to making the best breakfast foods for you all; our FUEL10K family, to love.

As the old saying (kind of) goes – if at first you don’t succeed, try for 9,999 more hours..


Great product and fast UK service. Highly recommended. The chocolate porridge is my favourite but other products are very good.

Great products that always arrive on time and packed really well.

Good website to get round easy to use [...] and would always order again and also recommend to family friends and overall a star performance

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