We've raised the bar on breakfast

Our oat bars are available in 4 delicious flavours, each packed with 9g of plant protein, wholesome oats and seeds, making them a filling on the go snack. Snacking just got easier.

Taste is always our priority, and these bars deliver, with a soft texture combined with a crunch from the protein crispies and seeds.

They provide the nutrients you need too, each bar is high protein, high fibre and provides slow release carbs to keep you fuller for longer, with each bar coming in at 200 calories.

We’ve ensured our ingredients are better for you too, using gluten free and wheat free oats, seeds and protein crispies to provide nutritious bars you’ll love






All the bars are gluten free, and have a distinctive golden sweet aroma. The chocolate combines sunflower seeds and melted dark chocolate pieces for a smooth chocolatey taste. The super berry uses freeze dried berries to provide a punchy fruit flavour, whilst peanut butter lovers can’t go wrong with our peanut butter bar. Our banana bar is made with real banana pieces to ensure a real banana taste that you will love. Try them all and choose your favourite as a tasty filling snack to FUEL your day!

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