Our Top 10 Tracks to Fuel Your Workout

Our Top 10 Tracks to Fuel Your Workout
20th June 2018 FUEL10K
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Yes, yes, yes, we all know that finding the motivation to exercise can sometimes be harder than the actual workout itself.  So, just for you, we’ve rounded up our favourite tracks to turn your training from a drag into your very own disco. 


Listening to music as you workout isn’t exactly a new idea but understanding how your favourite tunes boost your performance is a little less obvious.  Research has shown that listening to music distracts athletes from their “bodily awareness” – or as we like to call it, PAIN.  The Guardian reported that this distraction can benefit your performance by up to 15%. A 2010 study found that cyclists actually worked harder whilst listening to faster music as tunes with a higher tempo have more information for our brains to process.  But before you reach for the Drum and Bass, remember the songs between 120 and 140 bps have the maximum effect on your exercise!


We all have a favourite song associated with certain memories that gets you “in the zone”.  Channelling those memories or even the emotion of the singer, boosts the motivational power of the song and has been shown to improve physical performance.  We listen to music as a way to change our mood and this can help us find self awareness.  It gives us a space in which we can escape the present, let go of negativity and POWER us through a workout.


It isn’t just listening to music that drowns out out pain, studies have shown that when in control of the music being played, exercisers reported feeling like they hadn’t worked as hard.  So with your very own curated soundtrack, your music can actually push you further and even make it…….FUN.


The Tracklist

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) – Beyonce

Even outside the gym, this track is a portable cardio routine – stick this on and you won’t even notice that you’ve cleared an extra mile.

Push It – Salt-N-Pepa

You may only have vague memories of this as a kid, but put this on and its physically impossible to stay still.

Wake Me Up – Avicii

This progressive house track will start you off as you warm up and leave you at the end on a euphoric high.

Hey Ya! – Outkast

“Shake, shake it!”  This funky booty-mover, with its shifts of time signature, means you will never get bored of this track

Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

‘What’s a Queen song doing on here?’ you ask.  But this is the perfect track for reps – relentless bass, regular thump and Freddie Mercury urging you on – what’s not to love?

Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake

Channel your inner JT and look as good as you feel whilst listening to this seriously motivating track

Runnin’ Down a Dream – Tom Petty

One for the runners here.  Celebrate the freedom of the open road and by the time the solo hits, you’ll be in full sprint.

Magic (Just Kiddin Remix) – Craig David

This upbeat song is a serious ‘ear worm’ that will pep up any workout with its catchy poptastic chorus.

Move Your Feet – Junior Senior

Described as having “a baseline like intravenous Red Bull” this giddy disco hit will have you doing spontaneous jumping jacks.

One Time – Daft Punk

No playlist should be without this track.  A euphoric, powerfully building ab burner.