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  • Jan012017

    Add some chill to your fitness schedule

    Add some chill to your fitness schedule – it’s more important than you think! So it’s January, and you need to get back in shape. Unless you’re seriously superhuman, you’ve missed a few training sessions in the last fortnight and…

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  • Dec162016

    Vitamins Plain and Simple

    Vitamins Plain and Simple – get to understand these vital ingredients for a healthy body. We all know that they’re ‘good’ for us and it’s a common belief that taking some extra ones if you’re not feeling great is a…

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  • Dec062016

    Protein – the new Cold Shower in the morning

    Cold Shower vs Protein – your call! Not so long ago, a cold shower was the best way to kickstart your body in the morning – luckily there’s a new Cold Shower in town, and it’s called Protein. Protein’s rise…

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  • Dec012016

    Welcome to FUEL YOUR JOURNEY

    We’re super excited this month to launch our monthly competition to get you fuelled up for free. The deal’s pretty simple – you write in telling us what your mission is and why it needs FUEL10k to help you get…

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  • Nov282016

    6 tips to stay Fit and Fuelled this winter

    6 tips to stay Fit and Fuelled this winter The clocks went back a month ago and suddenly the nights are arriving before you’ve thought about clocking off for the day. Keeping motivated can be hard – whatever your activity…

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