London Marathon Top Tips

London Marathon Top Tips
4th April 2018 FUEL10K
In Interview

The London Marathon is just around the corner and we thought we’d ask John Brame, business owner, sports coach and professional athlete his TOP TIPS before the big day.

 What is your advice for for 1st timers?

Most people running London should be done with their volume and starting to think about tampering down and bringing down their training time/volume to make sure you are as fresh and ready for the big day as possible.

Hopefully runners have already got their kit sorted, running shoes broken in ready for the Marathon.  You should have tried and tested your race day nutrition and experimented with what you intend to eat race day morning. I would recommend a high carb, protein-based breakfast for much needed energy. FUEL10K Porridge Pots are ideal with a squeeze of their new Nut Butter for some extra protein and nutty goodness. If porridge isn’t your thing they have a range of breakfast products including Drinks, Granola or Protibrick’s, great for a kick start before the race.

What’s your advice for get ready endurance events as a whole?

1) Be realistic with your goals and objectives especially if you have to juggle training with work/life.

2) Plan your training and maybe speak to coach about periodisation so you maximise the time you have available. Structure and planning with help with injury prevention and the quite often under/over training problems that we often hear about.

3) Nutrition. Practise with your nutrition and pay very close attention to what you eat before, during and after training so you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity to perform to your potential and repair muscle.

4) Make sure you have tried and tested all your equipment ahead of the events. Don’t try anything new on race day as you don’t want the reason you don’t achieve to be because of your equipment when you’ve worked so hard on getting your body ready.

John is tackling FOUR endurance races in the coming weeks in memory of his brother, Paul Brame; Paris Roubaix (180 km cycle) on Saturday 7th,the Paris Marathon on the 8th, Amstel Gold (240km cycle) on the 15th and the London Marathon on the 22nd of April. Follow @FUEL10k or @JohnBrame for news and updates. (John’s Sponsorship Page)