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Seven Life Hacks

Life Hacks To Make Your Morning Easy
13th November 2018 Sarah
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Good Morning!

‘Good’ morning? ‘GOOD’? Is it? Is it REALLY? Usually it’s a frantic time of day, punctuated by alarm clocks, grey news, screaming children (perhaps) while you dash around the kitchen with frazzled hair and an inside-out shirt trying to find your keys when you were supposed to leave a solid 15 minutes ago.

Yes, mornings are hard, but… it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve compiled a list of #morninghacks to get you out of the door faster AND help you avoid a stressful and insane morning. Imagine this: getting out of bed on time and eating a calm breakfast in the kitchen. This isn’t a scene out of Mary Bloody Poppins— this can literally be your morning every weekday. And all it takes is a little bit of planning.**

**OK, it takes a lot of planning, but it’s worth it.

Prepare for the Day Ahead the Night Before

One thing that can make you stressed in the morning is too many decisions. So make them the night before. Lay out your outfit for the next day, pack your gym bag and leave your keys, wallet and other essentials by the front door. It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast for the next day so you have that umbrella, scarf or sunglasses to hand as you leave the house. You can also start the new day with a bang by already knowing exactly what you have to do the second you get out the door. Familiarise yourself with the next day, check your calendar the night before and create a quick to-do list with top priority tasks listed first. That way you can jump into work without a hitch.

Plan Your Breakfast

It might seem like a small thing, but choosing your breakfast (and prepping it) the night before can save you some major time. Whizz up any leftover fruit you may have and store in an ice cube tray for super quick smoothies. Then in the morning add a handful of FUEL10K protein boosted Granola and blend yourself a mega healthy breakfast. No time to spare? No problem. Pack a FUEL10K Breakfast Drink in your bag the night before to have on the go, or take a Porridge Pot to the office with you to enjoy at your desk.

Stop the Snooze

The snooze button is the enemy of a stress free morning. If you are a ‘snooze addict’, set your alarm for half an hour earlier so you can hit that button and still get up on time. And if you are still finding hard to leave your warm bed, invest in an obnoxious-sounding alarm clock and put it on the other side of the room so you are forced to get up!

Put Down that Phone

Many of us use the alarm on our phones to wake us up, and fall into the trap of checking news and emails as soon as we wake up. Try and have a phone free get up so you are not immediately stressed when you wake up. There is plenty of time to get up to date on the day ahead – take control of your mornings and start your day intentionally instead of reacting to the noise on your phone.

Create the Perfect Morning Mood

As soon as you’re up, create an uplifting mood by letting as much light into the bedroom and putting on a happy tune whilst you get ready. The light will boost your serotonin levels in your brain, helping you feel more awake and the music will get you into the right frame of mind for the day ahead. Drinking a large glass of cold water can help as well. It will wake you up, get your metabolism going, rehydrate you and stop you feeling so sluggish first thing.

Multi task in the Bathroom

Shave minutes off your prep time by multi-tasking like a pro. Try brushing your teeth while you shower, check your planner whilst you blow dry, or do your morning squats as you floss. Whatever works for you! Feeling that you’ve achieved something extra whilst saving time, will put you in a brilliant frame of mind for the day ahead.

Keep it Fuelled

Nothing can make a day drag than low blood sugar, so make sure you’ve packed enough snacks to see you through. A FUEL10K Oat Cookie makes a delicious snack to look forward to, or keep some Granola in a zip-lock bag for you to munch on throughout the day.

Hopefully with these top tips, you can go a long way to making your morning easy!

Good Morning!

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