Interview: Dom Cunningham

Interview: Dom Cunningham
8th August 2018 FUEL10K
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The FUEL of Champions

We were lucky enough to catch up with star Team GB gymnast (and Fuel10K addict!) Dom Cunningham as he prepares for the European Championships in Glasgow this week. After winning 2 medals at the Commonwealth Games, confidence is running high…

“I’m feeling pretty good, you know,” says Dom, “But I’m ready to just get out there now and do my stuff.” When asked about the team camaraderie, Dom’s pretty circumspect. “Well, gymnastics is an interesting sport because it’s a team event and there are also individual disciplines but this is a new team and the chemistry is pretty good. We’re all getting on well.”

Really? There must be some sharp rivalry though? Cheekily we asked who he had his eye on as a competitor but every the diplomat Dom says, “There are some great people here but I’ll be concentrating on my own events.”

Talking of which, what is his favourite event? “Definitely the vault. I’ve got two moves that no one else can in Team GB can do. So it always gives me a bit of confidence knowing that.”

And as for diet, what does that look like on a day when he’s competing? “It really depends on when the event is. In Glasgow they’re in the evening so I’ll have a light breakfast and eat lightly during the day. Before the event, I used to drink a can of Red Bull but It’s hard to control caffeine intake. So now I have a bowl of FUEL10K Granola with some fresh yoghurt before I compete.”

FUEL10K 1 – 0 Red Bull

As for inspiration who does he look to? “There’s a Japanese gymnast called Kohei Uchimura who’s been brilliantly consistent. And of course, my Mum and Dad who’ve sacrificed so much to get me where I am today.”

Our final question was to ask Dom what his favourite FUEL10K product was, “I love the cookies. They’re perfect as a snack during training for a protein boost and not too heavy. I love the chocolate Granola too.”

Dom’s promised to pop into the office and show off his medals after the games, so look out for that. In the meantime, We wish Dom and Team GB all the very best.

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