Hidden Protein Ninja Snacks

Unlock A Snack Making Arsenal

Hidden Protein Ninja Snacks
7th August 2016 FUEL10K
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Hidden inside the FUEL10k breakfast range are the building blocks to a snack making arsenal! Become a ninja at crafting protein snacks that will delight the senses and deliver that much needed protein boost.

Anything from protein bombs, to porridge/puddings and bars. They constitute an easier way to put together a little snack as half the work has already been done, better yet they’re boosted with extra protein! So if you’re feeling more adventurous than an apple or a pot of yoghurt, but not quite energetic enough to turn your kitchen into a Michelin star restaurant, creating some ‘FUELSnacks’ might just be the right thing for you to bring to work, enjoy on your daily commute or just as a post-dinner snack (although we do still discourage that one)!

Interested? Good, then scroll down for the recipes that we use the most to spice up our snacking regime!



FUEL10K Bombs (a Swedish delicacy with a FUEL10K twist)

100 g room tempered butter (unsalted – or you’re in for an unpleasant experience!)
1 cup preferred powder sweetener (a liquid one will make the whole thing very messy)
3 tsp cacao
2 cups of Protioats
1 cups of crushed ProtiFlakes (as fine as you can make ‘em)
2 tsp preferred liquid (we usually have them in the morning so always a some strong, black coffee – yum!)
Dessicated coconut for garnish

Now you mix it up with your hands, don’t be afraid to get dirty – it’s worth it. Once as smooth as it gets you roll the mix into balls to a preferred size, then roll them in the coconut for aesthetics and flavour. Some people prefer crushed nuts and seeds, others sprinkles (but as usual, we always advocate the least sugary alternative).

crumble-topThe ‘Whatever you feel like’ crumble

3 apples or 2 pears or 500 g rhubarbs or 500 g raspberries etc
125 g room tempered butter (salted or unsalted!)
1 cup crushed ProtiFlakes
1 cup Protioats
1 cup flour (we think coconut flour works well!)
½ cup preferred sweetener

Depending on what fruit or berries you’re in the mood for or that are in season, you’ll of course handle it differently – apples, rhubarbs and pears you may want to peel, slice and fry for a bit in butter and cinnamon before pouring it into your baking tray. Berries need no pre-treatment!

Mix the chunks of butter with the remaining dry ingredients – we recommend using manual force here as well – until you’ve got a bowl of chunky looking granola in front of you. Then you sprinkle the mix on top of the fruit or berries already in the tray and shove it into a pre-heated oven on 225° for 20-25 min.

Protiflakes SnacksNo-bake cheesecake with cereal base

2 cups crushed Protiflakes
2 tsp preferred sweetener
70 g melted butter
500 g low-fat cream cheese
100 g icing sugar (replace with preferred sweetener according to instructions, usually ½ or ⅓)
200 ml fluffy whipped cream
Flavouring (vanilla, lemon, cacao)

Crush the Protiflakes with whatever tools you have at hand, you want it to be fine crumbs, and add the sweetener and butter. As we like to just slice a piece the size and shape of a flapjack either to bring to the office or just to have at home, we normally make it in a rectangular tray rather than a traditional round one. So, press the crumb mixture onto the baking paper clad tray until you have a nice even layer throughout. Chill in the fridge until set.

Mix well the cream cheese, sweetener and flavouring. Whip the cream on the side and fold it into the cream cheese mix. Top the Protiflakes base with the cream & cheese mix and smooth it over. Chill until set and then slice and eat!

So there you have it, our favourite recipes to make using our favourite FUEL10K cereal. This is by no means an exhaustive list, we’d encourage you to get out there and experiment too. We love using Protiflakes as a great base, then adding yoghurt and fruit – delicious.

Let us know what your favourite recipes are in the comments below and on Facebook.

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