FUEL10K Lifestyles - with Dave Honeybone

FUEL10K Lifestyles – with Dave Honeybone, Head of International – FUEL10K
18th May 2017 FUEL10K
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FUEL10K wasn’t developed by a big corporation to fit the market – it was made by people with a passion to DO stuff, who needed a breakfast to help them get it done. This week we’re talking to Dave Honeybone, Head of International at FUEL10K.

At the European Championships (Dave’s the handsome devil on the left)

Dave joined the FUEL10K team in 2016, and as you’ll see, he came to join us for more than just the job – he’s been looking for FUEL10K all his life.

Morning Dave! I know fitness is important for you – where did it begin?

Dave at 21. Ripped.

I remember finding some weights at home as a 16 year old. I took them to my bedroom and started working out, and pretty soon I was hooked. By the time I was 21, I’d started competing as a bodybuilder, and I carried on for a decade. When I was 31, everything changed.

Wow. That’s a whole load of muscle! What changed your path at 31?

I took a short sky-diving course, and as soon as I’d done my first solo jump, I knew this was the sport for me. It didn’t take long to get competitive, and soon after I joined a team of 4 as a Formations Skydiving team – that year we won Silver at the British Championships.

That lead on to being a member of team GB at the European Championships, and for a while I travelled the world representing my country – some of the best years in my memory!

You’re on a roll – don’t let me stop you! What came next?

After reaching 1000 skydives, I moved on to canopy piloting, which is basically the same as sky-diving but with a very small, dynamic parachute. You still get the thrill of a little freefall, but the fun really begins once you’ve deployed your canopy. I soon fell in love with it and started a high performance canopy display team with 4 friends, doing displays across the country.

I’m seeing a theme here Dave, you don’t do things by halves do you?

Yeah, it’s always been that way for me. I’m either not interested, or it becomes my everything. Six years ago I started running – to begin with it was just to stay fit whilst having an office based job, but again it ended up being a huge part of my life. In 2015 I was in the US and did my first race challenge, called the Mud Endeavour. I loved it and have been racing ever since – recently I ran the Lake District Trail Run and came in 4th out of 250, but no medals yet!

Last question – what brought you to FUEL10K?

I’d been working in the food export industry for a while, and when I saw a job come up from a brand that I use and believe in, it was a no brainer. Working for FUEL10K has its perks too, mostly an unlimited amount of free product!

Cheers Dave, and don’t eat us out of house and home!

If the FUEL10K lifestyle rings a bell with you, get in touch and let us know, and if you’re looking for protein boosted breakfast, check out the range below. Thanks for reading!