A Fuelled Christmas

The FUEL10K Team Celebrates the Close of 2018

A Fuelled Christmas
28th December 2018 Sarah
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We refuse to believe that Christmas is over. Can we do it again?

To celebrate the close of 2018, the FUEL10K team came together from our different offices across the UK, making our annual get together, even more exciting.

There are three main considerations when choosing Fiji as a destination for the company Christmas party:

1. It’s a hell of a place to get to.
2. When you get there you might as well spend a minimum of 10 days.
3. It’s a bit of a reach for a company of our size.

We really did discuss the issues long and hard and decided that, on balance, 3 days in Wales in early December in the pouring rain would be just as good. And, dear reader, IT WAS.

Okay, so it maybe doesn’t directly compare to Fiji’s climate because it was raining and freezing cold. And trekking up Snowdon, Wales’s highest peak, is mildly different to lying in a hammock drinking martinis, I’ll grant you. But it was GREAT fun and the view was totally worth it. I mean, look at that victory fist pump at the summit of Snowdon!

Team FUEL10K reaching the Summit of Snowdon, Wales

Our guide said the hike was normally seven hours but we reached the top in just under three and were back in four and half. How so quick? Well, we were propelled forward by FUEL10K on-the-go Peanut Butter and Drinks. That, the idea of a hot bath and the general hilarity when we found out all about each other’s ridiculous tales of Christmases past. To give you a general flavour:

What was your worst Christmas present EVER?

Simon received £20 worth of batteries in the company Secret Santa. “I had no need for them – it’s 2018 – what am I meant to do with 30 batteries?”.

Bob received an xmas sweater with Trump on it – ‘Make Xmas Great again’ – LOVELY.

What was your Best Christmas Present?

Greg: “When I was about 5 my brother & I got a paint your own Mr Men kit. My parents were so hungover on Christmas morning that we painted the house yellow. We tried cleaning it up with bleach. We had to get new carpet.” Great fun for you, Greg – your parents? Not so much..

What Christmas song makes you cringe?

Bob: “WHAM We were in the car on the way to Brighton and Bob said to Simon “If WHAM comes on, we’ve got to both get naked and run around the car”. Later, Bob changed the station, and the last line of WHAM played. So we took our socks off and did a lap around the car.” Just your socks, Bob?!

And while we live by our mantra #fuelyourjourney, we also live by #whatgoesontour… Some stories are definitely not meant for print….

A magnificent team dinner followed with a Hollywood Glamour theme.

See if you can work out who’s who from the pictures – Yeah, me neither, it’s a game in its own right (!) It was as any good company party should be, great crowd, Secret Santa, loads of dancing and eating dessert without cutlery. YES!

And next year? Fiji?

Fiji Scmiji. Let’s go climb another mountain.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Team Fuel10K.




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