Fuel Your Journey News

Fuel Your Journey News
3rd February 2017 FUEL10K
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Fuel Your Journey campaign update – there are some amazing things happening!

This month saw 2 winners, as sometimes the rules need bending! Check out the journeys below, and come and get involved too!

The winning journey goes to Siam Juntakeret this month. Aged 13 from Bodmin, Siam’s heading to Oz next month to attempt the fastest crossing of the country on bicycle by a child. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“I’m 13 yrs old and am training to cycle across Australia (2784 miles) in March of this year. I get up at 6am every morning to do an hour and half turbo cycling training before school…and I really am in need of re Fuelling. I do about 25 hours of cycling each week to get myself ready for my challenge which I start on the 27th February, by completing this challenge I will set  a new world record as well as raise money for local charity.”

Fuel’s on its way Siam, and Good luck to you out there.

We also heard from Michael Dryburgh, and thought the picture alone needed some reward, as well as a journey in the spirit of FUEL10K, so we’re sending him a case of Quark to keep him going.

Michael’s words –

“Learning a trade whilst learning winter mountaineering on the weekends, running to work, training with friends who’re trying to achieve their own vastly different challenges all as well as being in the army reserves in one of the most demanding roles. FUEL10K found me training for a world class patrol skills event, someone suggested we drink chocolate milk for recovery in between sessions, I chose FUEL10K, any surprise I was recovering faster than the others?”

In update on current Journey winners, Charles Hannaford has picked up a patron in the form of Mark Beaumont (record-breaking long-distance British cyclist, adventurer, broadcaster, documentary maker and author) as he prepares for his Round the World cycle, and here’s what Drew Collins had to say when we caught up with him on his upcoming 3 peaks challenge.

“I found that staying fit and healthy during the festive season is pretty difficult when you have mince pies and Quality Street on tap! But I’ve managed to keep on top of the overindulgence, hit the gym regularly and not turn into a literal pig in a blanket.

The Fuel products have been fantastic, not only are they good for you but they’re also tasty which sets every morning up on the right foot. I will usually start with one of the cereals and use the Quark and Shakes as a post workout refresh (the Quark is beyond amazing).”

Come and join the journey at www.fuel10k.com/fuel-your-journey and let us know what’s going on!