Fuel Your Journey: March Update

Fuel Your Journey: March Update
1st March 2017 FUEL10K
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Need us to Fuel Your Journey? February’s entrants were all too good, so everyone’s a winner.

Journeys are never predictable, so this month we’re sending everyone who entered a Breakfast Bundle. Why? Because we couldn’t choose one that seemed more in need of FUEL10K. Check out the Journeys here in their own words.


The Winners

Steve Lloyd
who’s heading to the London Marathon this Summer
It has always been an ambition of mine to run the London Marathon. This year I have got the chance.

I am a head teacher of a Primary School and have worked with Rennie Grove Hospice Care to raise both money and people’s awareness of the good they do and the cause that they support. I run as much as I can. It is my way to clear my mind, to stay fit and healthy and to show that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!

I want to be able to give something back to my pupils – to inspire them to run!  I run regularly with the children in my school.  My school running club is the most popular club in the school with the maximum of 30 children attending each week!

I also want to be able to give something back to a truly wonderful charity and the wonderful things that do and achieve each year. The work they do locally to my school and where I live is second to none.  They have supported hundreds of families through some very difficult time so the least I can do is help them raise some well needed money.

I have completed a number of my won challenges over the years.  One of my recent ones was for my granddad who we lost in June of last year.  he was suffering with cancer so my brothers and I decided to design our own challenge and bike and run the whole length of Wales 250miles – where I am originally from.  this was a massive achievement and made even more amazing because I broke two of my toes one week before undertaking the whole thing!  The picture of the broken toes is included!

Last year, Alongside the running and working, I unfortunately encountered a serious illness in the March that required me to undergo major stomach surgery.  I was in hospital for over 10 days and it was very close to me not being able to return to be fully functioning, but thankfully with the support of my friends and family, and the amazing work of the doctors and surgeons I managed to get through.  I nearly missed my own wedding as I was only let out of hospital two weeks before the big day.  Thankfully I made it and was able to celebrate with my wonderful wife!  Although she wasn’t best pleased as I ruined her Hen do!  Oops!

Along with running the marathon this year, my wife and I have been fortunate enough to find out that we are going to be parents to twin girls.  The twin girls are due the weekend after the London Marathon, so It seems like nothing more than I like to push it to the limit.  I continue to train and continue to build a nursery!  It is all of these things that drive me on and inspired me to do more!

Please help me continue to raise awareness and as much money as possible for Rennie Grove Hospice Care!  People can sponsor me here on my link

I always fuel my ruins with you Fuel10k golden syrup oats – syrup is the only flavour for me! –  and they always help me push the boundaries of my training.  I have the Silverstone Half Marathon coming up in March and want to continue my good preparation with your food fuels!

I am hoping that you can see that I like to push myself and that i do my best to rise to any challenge put in front of me.  I have quickly learned to realise that this is the only chance that we get, so we have to be able to give it all we have got!  Here is to the next challenge.

Any help you can give me would be massively appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Fin Graham, cyclist extraordinaire

Hi my name is Fin Graham and I am 17 years old and I was born with severe bilateral talipes. I have raced bikes my whole life against able bodied athletes and only recently have I considered paracycling. I am now on the development program but this required lots of travelling to get to the different training camps and races. I am wondering if there is any way that you could support me in terms of supplying me with the fuel that I need to train everyday. Thanks for your time and looking forward to hearing back from you.

James Dixon, England Deaf Cricketer

It is important that I need Fuel10K in the morning, to buliding my energy boost to gym and working when i am on full time job. I really enjoyed to had Fuel10K on every weekday morning when i wake up to get ready for gym workout and work. Now, I am an Elite cricketer for England Deaf Cricket (Under England Cricket Board) since 2005 as an opening bowling seamer, and my next challange as Fuel10K journery to select for England Deaf Cricket as a Performance Player, to play in T20 Deaf World Cup in Sri Lanka 2018 and The Deaf Ashes 2018 next year. it is important to use Fuel10k for my breakfast during my journey to fight my plance into the Deaf squad for next year.

Anthony Redfern, Swimming for the GB championships this April

I’m Anthony, I’m 20 and I’m a National level swimmer. I swim for Wales and am ranked in the top 3 swimmers in my events. I’m training towards GB champs in April am aiming to make the Wales 2018 Commonwealth Games team. I train circa 15 hours a week in the pool (6-8 hours in the gym), which includes 3 early morning sessions, starting at 5.45am! I always use Fuel Liquid Breakfast before these morning sessions because they’re easy to digest and consume; they are also useful as a post-training drink to aid recovery!

I think I have a serious need for FUELIFICATION and I’d love your help!

There are also 2 junior entrants:

Swimmer Owen Ottaway
who’s already a county champion and is heading for the nationals

My name is Owen Ottaway and am 15,I swim for City of Sheffield in the Age Group National squad. 8 session a week in the pool over 6 days plus gym and land based work before and after all the sessions.  Breakfast is so so important as I need the fuel to get me started in the morning on my 40 min drive (parents) to training at 4:30am. Training along side GB and Olympic swimmers is just amazing and my long term goal is the same as theres. Multiple Notts champion and now Yorkshire champion winner so every part of my life needs to be focused on working hard,be that in the pool or in the classroom as I get ready for my GCSE’s!

Runner Tia Brown who’s winning races across the board and aiming for greater things.

My names Tia and I’m a young aspiring athlete. I am 14 years old and I run cross country races every weekend until the cross country season is over and then I run track. I come from Cornwall and in 2016 I won the county schools cross country championships, county clubs championships, county clubs 3000m and county schools 1500m all a year young. I am currently competing in the westward league (mostly Cornwall and Devon athletes compete) and I’m winning the league at the moment. Last year I represented the south west in the London mini marathon as I placed top 6 in the south west. I compete in regional and national races on a regular basis and am going to an athletics camp in the Summer.