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Are you on an exciting journey that needs support? We are looking for bright, energetic, committed and dedicated people to become brand ambassadors for FUEL10K.

In return, we want to support you with FUEL10K products and give you the chance to secure sponsorship from us for really inspirational causes. You might need a new kit for your team, a new website for a league, new turf for your grounds, travel money to the big event or a new roof for your club rooms. Tell us about your goals and we will review on a case by case basis. See terms and conditions for more details.



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How FUEL CLUB Sponsorship works

We’ve partnered up with Ralloo, the UK’s first micro sponsorship platform. This means that instead of asking people for money, like regular fundraising, you ask them for their time and engagement. Here’s how it works:

Share your story with us, tell us why you or your team need our support. Sign up below with your story and images and we’ll take care of the rest.

Rally your friends and followers to visit your FUEL CLUB project – garner support and reap rewards from FUEL10K

Your supporters engage with FUEL10K via likes, shares, watching videos and more.

The more support you get, the more funds you’ll get from FUEL10K to help you get that new kit you’ve been after.

Latest Signups

Unknown Rider Development Team:

Unknown Rider Development Team is committed to giving cyclists that have an interest in racing the opportunity and support do so. The club is committed to racing and the development of its members, promoting and practising good riding & bicycle safety, helping create a complete, all round racer in a selection of disciplines.

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If you like the sound of FUEL CLUB and want to get involved, simply fill in the form with as much detail as you can, and we’ll take care of the rest.