Four men, FUEL10K, the Atlantic Ocean and a Pedalo.

Four men, FUEL10K, the Atlantic Ocean and a Pedalo.
27th December 2017 FUEL10K
In Interview

‘Pedal The Pond’ have set off on their adventure to concur the Atlantic by pedalling from Gran Canaria to Antigua in 40 or so days. As FUEL CLUB members FUEL10K have sponsored a Life Raft and Life Jackets for their expedition, as well as enough High Protein Porridge Pots to keep them fuelled throughout their journey. We interviewed the boys just before they set off in December.

Gran Canaria to Antigua, is more than 3,000 miles, what endurance training have you been doing to gear up for this expedition?

We have been training up to 7 times a week for nearly 2 years, doing a mix of high intensity bike training to improve our fitness and weight sessions to build strong cores and legs to prepare us for any killer waves and endless pedalling.

With no home comforts or day to day cooking equipment how will make sure you look after your bodies and get the right fuel whilst out at sea?

Well we have been training for this for nearly 18 months now, so in terms of fitness we feel great. The next step is maintaining this with the right intake of food. We will be burning about 8000 calories a day. Thankfully we have a desalination machine and a jet boil on board, which puts us in a favourable position, so we start the day off with a FUEL10K High Protein Porridge for breakfast and boil the high kcal dried food of ‘Spag Bol’ and ‘Chilli Con Carne’ for lunch and dinner – 5* dinning at its finest.

Any big fears about the trip?

Tiredness and hallucinating is one of my biggest fears. If we can keep our heads together when we are really tired I think we will be ok, but I have heard some worrying stories of what people see out there (Atlantic). Let’s just pray the weather is nice.

How will you keep each other motivated when times get rough?

We have a song donation system that we have set up for people to motivate us from back home, so they can play us a song and a message to keep us going. Between ourselves I think it will just come naturally, we have been out on the boat for 4 – 5 day stints so just got to take each day as it comes.

For anyone wanting to request a song for the Pedal The Pond boys click here.

We can’t wait to hear all about their adventure upon their return.