Managing Goals in your Fitness Plan

Setting goals and keeping them is KEY in your fitness plan
10th May 2017 FUEL10K
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Maybe the scales read a little heavier than before, or maybe the lungs are hurting at the top of the flight of stairs – for one reason or another, you decide to get fit. Full of ambition, you take your first gym membership, buy a rowing machine, or strap the trainers on and start running. After the second session you are full of passion and healthy zeal, and a week later you’ve lost a bit of weight, gained a little form.

Another week down the line and you find yourself sitting on the sofa, considering finishing the garlic bread in case the stuffed crust pizza wasn’t enough, and wondering if the gym’ll give you a refund.

It’s a very familiar story, but the good news is that there’s a VERY SIMPLE answer. Yup, you guessed it – you need a goal, and you need to know how to manage it.

First up – decide what you want.

‘To be fit’ is too vague here. Identify what makes you unhappy with your current status, and then work out what you want to achieve. From keeping up with the kids on a bike ride to winning the London Marathon, I don’t care how big the ambition – it’s your call. So make it, and the plan has begun. It’s also seriously motivating to have a challenge ahead – sign up for an event and you’ll have a real reason to get fit enough so as not to embarass yourself on the day. FUEL10K sponsors Human Race triathlon, so if you fancy a triathlon let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Second – make your first check-point.

We all know baby-steps are easier than eying up the whole mountain! The big thing here is being able to MEASURE your progress, and giving yourself a set time to do it in. Maybe it’s to lose 1 kg in the first 2 weeks. Maybe it’s to shave a minute off your run time. Again, your call – but remember – make it realistic, measurable and with a deadline. If you don’t achieve the target, don’t stress! Readjust, and reset the goal for the next 2 weeks.

Have an HONEST chat with yourself about your flaws.

We all have them, and it’s vital to identify the likely potholes that you ARE going to run into. Maybe you’re too tired after work to exercise, or maybe other commitments get in the way. Once you’ve worked out what IS likely to go wrong, you can find a solution to make the time/dedication that you’ll need.

Be brave and shout it out!

Once you’ve told the world about your plan, you’ll find a whole load more reasons to stick at it. Pride is probably a big one, and you’ll also get some support from the best people around you. (You’ll also get some negatives from the lazy ones who don’t want you to succeed, but I’m sure you can think of the unprintable words to say to them…)

Last thing – prepare for failure.

I know that sounds pretty gloomy, but it isn’t! If you accept that the moment WILL come when your devious mind convinces you to quit, then you can make a plan to overcome. It’s this easy – when you decide you can’t be bothered, KNOW that you will make yourself get going. Write in on the fridge. Use permanent marker on your forehead if you have to. Oh, and start today, because tomorrow won’t be easier.

FUEL10K has no idea how to remove permanent marker from foreheads, please seek professional advice. What we do have is an amazing range of protein-boosted breakfast designed to get you going for the day. Check out the shop here, and look for us in the breakfast aisle at your supermarket. Thanks for reading, and good luck.

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