Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! Welcome to the FUEL10K FAQ page.

Below are a handful of frequently asked questions – if you can’t find your question or aren’t satisfied with an answer please drop us a mail to [email protected] and we’ll be right back.

A - Buy

  • Can I order overseas?

    Yes indeed, we can arrange international postage for you. Best thing to do is email us at [email protected] and we can arrange a quote. We can take cards or send you an email invoice to complete payment details in any currency.

  • How do I buy FUEL10K?

    You can buy online, in-store or just add it to the shopping list and hope it magically turns up.

    • For online – Simply find the items you’d like to purchase and click the plus or cart button to add them to your cart. When you’re ready to purchase, click the checkout button on the top right of the screen and then follow the instructions.
    • For in-store – Our products are stocked in most supermarkets so check in your local stores down the breakfast aisle. Drop us a note to check if you local store should be a stockist.
    • For shopping list – if you are not the usual household shopper – get hold of the shopping list and scribble FUEL10K in between ‘milk’ and ‘butter’, and then hope…

B - Brand

  • Does FUEL10K sponsor?

    We are looking for local teams, clubs and individuals who are on a journey and needing some support! FUEL CLUB is our micro-sponsorship platform which has helped many teams and clubs achieve their goals with FUEL10K sponsorship support. Places are limited, so apply today. 

  • What does the ’10K’ mean?

    Often mistaken for a running distance, the “10K” is actually linked to the theory of practice by Dr Malcolm Gladwell from his book “Outliers”. Our brand name is shortened from FUEL your 10k hours. The theory goes that it takes 10,000 hours of quality practice, 10K hours of dedication, to become brilliant at any given pursuit. Whether you’re just starting out on the path, or looking to bag an Olympic gold, FUEL10K is here for the journey.

  • Who do you make FUEL10K for?

    We created FUEL10K for ourselves really and then it went a little further… We found that with life as busy as it is, there just wasn’t enough time to spend on the things we wanted to get good at. We figured if we were going to make better use of the day’s early hours, we would need an EASY breakfast that really worked for us, so we set about creating just that. Easy to eat, easy protein, easy on-the-go – that tastes great, does you good and might just help us find some extra time in the mornings. #MorningsMadeEasy #FUEL10K

C - Product

  • Allergy Information

    To view the full product range’s allergy information, click here.

  • Dietary Information

    To view the full product range’s dietary information, click here.

  • Microwave or reheat porridge pots?

    Not a good plan! You should only add boiling water up to the fill line, stir enthusiastically and let it sit for two minutes with the lid on. Do not try to reheat the pot for any reason – especially using a microwave as the aluminium foil lid and also the logo could cause damage.

  • Can I recycle the packaging from FUEL10K?

    Most of our packaging is fully recyclable. The cardboard we use for our Breakfast Drinks are made from recycled materials already, the plastic inner liners can be put out in the plastics recycling bin and our Tetra Pak cartons also have an end of life home too (they are collected for recycling in most Local Authority areas across the UK. Check out locations on www.tetrapakrecycling.co.uk).

  • Any allergens I need to be concerned about?

    We take this very seriously (as you would expect) – HERE is a guide to our products, but please check the individual product descriptions carefully. Our granolas particularly do contain nuts or are made in a factory that does.

    Some of our products, whilst being ‘free from’, are packaged in a factory that also handles allergen products. Although the lines are meticulously cleaned before production, we mention this factor for the benefit of people with extreme allergies – which is why you can have products that are for example 100% nut free, but say that they are made in a factory that handles nuts. Nuts isn’t it?

  • Are FUEL10K products vegetarian and/or vegan?

    All of our products are suitable for vegetarians. The below products are vegan-friendly and are registered with The Vegan Society.

    • All our Granolas – Chocolate, Fruit & Peanut
    • All our Peanut Butters too! – Smooth, Crunchy, Chocolate, Superseed
    • Protibrick
    • Double Chocolate Oat Cookie
    • Granola Pots – Chunky Chocolate & Peanut Crunch
    • The Complete Meal – Vegan Vanilla

    You can see our full list of products & details HERE.

  • You talk about Protein a lot – what’s that all about?

    You probably know that Protein is a pretty important part of your diet, and vital if you’re looking for an active lifestyle – especially in the morning after an 8 hour snooze.

    What we do know is that the right protein can be pretty useful. Here are just a few of the benefits that we know of:

    1. Makes you feel fuller for longer
    2. Helps manage your weight by filling you up
    3. Helps improve your mood
    4. Stabilises blood sugar levels
    5. Promotes healthy brain function and learning
    6. Helps maintain strong bones and muscles
    7. Promotes a healthy heart
    8. Slows aging and promotes longevity
    9. Helps you pick the winning lottery numbers

    Clever stuff that Protein! PS One of the above is yet to be verified or vaguely credible.

D - Online Help

  • What methods of payment are accepted?

    We accept all manner of trades, bribes and deals. Massages even. We also take all major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal.

  • I have forgotten my password or username, now what?

    Click on the link for “forgot password?” and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have problems just email us at [email protected]

  • Do I need to sign up to buy?

    No, you can check-out as a guest. But you can register to make the checkout process much more streamlined as well as being the first to receive the latest offers from FUEL10K. We will not share your information with anyone else – and that we promise (we know how annoying that can be).

E - Dietary Information

  • Dietary Information

    To view the full product range’s dietary information, click here.

F - Allergy Information

  • Allergy Information

    To view the full product range’s allergy information, click here.

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