One to watch...

One to watch at the Common Wealth Games 2018
4th April 2018 FUEL10K
In Interview

You may remember Dominick as our December FUEL YOUR JOURNEY Winner, well fast forward and he is half way around the world getting ready to compete as part of the England Gymnastics Team in the 2018 Common Wealth Games. In between a vault or two we managed to catch up with him to find out how he’s getting on.

Firstly, congratulations on securing your place in the Common Wealth Games, when we last spoke you were training hard after your back injury of a fractured vertebra. How did you mentally prepare to qualify for the games after such a setback in your career?

“Thanks, I am super excited to get going in the games. Missing out on the world championships due to my injury was devastating but it gave me the push I needed to start making the teams. With my coach, I created a plan to make my routines safer and more consistent. Mentally it’s tough, but with much needed preparation I found my confidence again and I’m ready to fight for those medals.”

“I am proof that after fracturing a vertebra in my back you must experience the bad to get to the good.”

Has the training intensified in the run up to the games? What is your training regime, do you do other activities other than gymnastics to keep yourself fit?

“The training hasn’t intensified it’s become more sensible and specific. After each training sessions I make sure I spend enough time carrying out physio on my back and focusing on my recovery, both mentally and physically, to keep my body in tip top condition. I’ve found swimming is great to reduce the amount of lactic acid build up in my muscles, for me is it a mental game I can over think everything in the gym so need a different focus outside. Car mechanics is where I spend a lot of my spare time, I love fixing cars with friends and my Dad. It also means when I step back in the gym I am fresh for my next training session or competition.”

Has your diet altered in preparation? What’s on the menu in the lead up to the games?

“Every athlete is different, for me, I try and stick to a high protein, low carb diet when I’m not training so when I do have carbs I can feel the energy being used in a controlled way. Protein allows my muscles to recover quickly, repair and rebuild before my next session. A key favourite for me is FUEL10k Granola, it has helped me massively during competitions and you may see my munching on a bowl or two during the Common Wealth Games… The granola is great because it’s high protein and carbohydrates, I add in extra nuts and seeds to give me an extra protein boost I need when competing.”

…and your go to treat?

“Chinese, it’s my guilty pleasure. BBQ Chicken with egg fried rice. Oh, and don’t forget the crackers.”


In preparation for competing in Australia how have you prepared your body?

“To prepare my body I fuelled it up with good nutrition, this is where FUEL10K came in handy, and warming up and cooling down correctly before and after training was key to ensure my body fully adjusted to the different time zone and climate.”

For anyone aspiring to be where you are today, what advice would you give them?

“I am proof that after fracturing a vertebra in my back you must experience the bad to get to the good. Nothing happens over night and it you fail or have a set back it is not the end. DON’T GIVE UP.”

Next goal, the Olympics?

“Ultimate goal is the Olympics but before that my next goal is the European Championships later on this year, in Glasgow. Followed by the World Championships where there is a possibility to secure a spot for GREAT BRITAIN in the Olympic Games. My ultimate goal is Tokyo 2020 which I am doing everything in my power to do! So, LETS DO IT!!”