Daunting, Stressful and Deeply Satisfying

Daunting, Stressful and Deeply Satisfying
12th June 2018 FUEL10K
In Interview

Fancy reading something wildly inspirational and deeply humbling? Of course you do! We were lucky enough to catch up with serving police officer Liz Jones who’s taken on the most remarkable challenge. In her eleven days of summer holiday, she’s going to ride the 1000 mile journey from John O’ Groats to Land’s End. We started by asking Liz what motivated her take on such an endeavour.

“I’ve always loved my cycling,” says Liz, “And I knew that John O’Groats to Land’s End was the pinnacle of cycling in the UK. It was something I’ve always wanted to do.” But Liz had other motivations too. She’s raising money for not just one but two causes. Firstly, ‘Just Caring Midlands’, a charity who support vulnerable young adults in Birmingham for whom Liz previously worked. And secondly for her two older brothers, who have severe autism. Liz explains, “Neither have had any real time away from Birmingham or any respite away from where they’re living. Maybe I can raise enough to give them a couple of days away and improve their quality of life.” That’s some motivation, right there.

But what about the all important training routine? Liz laughs, “There was a plan to have a rigorous training routine! But it proved quite hard to organise around my shifts at work. I started really cycling with a purpose in October, cycling 16 miles each day to work. And on my days off I’m now up to 100 miles a day. Which is tough. 12 plus hours on your bike alone is probably as hard mentally as it is physically.”

But Liz has to get her nutrition and hydration right while she’s in the saddle and resting. “It’s REALLY important to me because however good your organisation and your bike is, if you don’t have the energy, you’re not going to go the distance. I’ve found the Fuel10K Protein drinks brilliant when I’m riding and particularly after. I ache so much less the following day. I couldn’t believe it actually.”

And why is Liz cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End and not the other way round? “Well, a lot of people have asked me that because I’m going against the prevailing wind. But in my head, and as foolish as this may sound, it feels like I’m going downhill, because I’m going from North to South!

We get it Liz! We totally get it.

FUEL10K is a proud supporter of Liz’s journey and her fundraising page is here: Just Giving