Conquering the Cairngorms - just another challenge for Drew Collins

Conquering the Cairngorms – just another challenge for Drew Collins
1st March 2018 FUEL10K
In Interview

At the end of March 2018 Drew Collins has set himself his greatest challenge to date, to ride from London to Scotland on a Triumph motorcycle and climb The Cairngorms. FUEL10K have partnered up with Drew to FUEL his training and ensure he has the correct protein filled breakfast during his expedition. We caught up with Drew mid training to see how he was getting on.

1. Drew, you were our FUEL YOUR JOURNEY winner back in Dec 16, then you walked the Wild Peaks in one and now you are off by Triumph motorcycle to Scotland to Conquer the Cairngorm. What is your motivation for these exciting  journeys?

I believe that first and foremost I want to challenge perceptions, I want to dispel the myth that only the most fortunate can plan and undertake adventures. Sure, I have a job that pays the bills from Monday to Friday, but I make the effort to grab my spare time with both hands and make something of it rather than vegetating in front of the television.
Secondly, I want to be challenged, I want to show that normal people can achieve great things. Wild Peaks Walk was a bold idea and it worried me at first, but I committed socially by telling everyone, finding brand sponsors and forcing myself to get out there and tackle what lay ahead.

Conquering The Cairngorms was more of a simple idea, I had just passed my motorcycle test and purchased a Bonneville T100, I wanted to plan something unique that involved a bike and I thought about matching endurance riding with climbing. Luckily Triumph were keen to get on board and I’ll now be leaving my Bonneville at home and undertaking the journey on one of their new Tiger 1200 XCA models which has plenty of storage for all the FUEL10K Breakfast needed for this adventure.

2. With adventure after adventure and a full-time job how do you manage to train for your expeditions?

I used to be a member of a bodybuilder gym and train several nights a week, but lately I have been using the hills as my workout, it sounds easy but trust me, it’s gruelling! I also sport climb when I can. I believe it was Bear Grylls that once said he led a bunch of his gym obsessed friends into the hills to prove a point, as he trained in the environment often it was a breeze for him, but his friends were all knackered within 20 minutes

3. Your expeditions are strenuous and physically punishing on your body, how does your diet change in the run up to your adventure?

My diet is usually pretty good and I love food but in the lead up I try to eat slightly less than usual, which sounds odd but let me explain. When you’re in the mountains or on a long hike weight can be a huge deal. I carried 10kg for 407 miles on my last trip, which at first was light, but it felt like 50kg by the end, I found that food can make up a great bulk of that weight.

So I cut down on certain things in the lead up and eat slightly smaller portions to get my mind and body prepared. Most of the food on a trip is freeze dried and I stick to protein rich snacks like nuts, cheese and your very own Porridge Pots, Yoghurt Drinks with Quark and the delicious Nut Butters.

4. What will be your FUEL10K product of choice to have whilst Conquering the Cairngorms?

On my last trip I used your Yoghurt Drink with Quark as my final treat at sunset, I’ll likely do the same, but will be taking your new your Nut Butters as well, they are so damn delicious and make for a nice reward at the end of a strenuous day.

 5. What’s next?

I have no idea at the moment, I would like to venture outside of the UK but most of my trip ideas come to me at random moments, I am yet to have that moment thus far.