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Recycling Week

It's Recycling Week (20th-26th September)! ♻️  As you may know, here at FUEL10K we’ve long been committed to doing better, from improving the nutritional value of our range and reducing our use of plastic. As a B Corp we’re committed to leading the way for brands to strive to do more for our planet. 
Plastic is widely known to have a detrimental effect on the world, a recent post by WWF explains more about the hidden costs of plastic pollution. Noting that by 2040, plastic will account for up to 20% of the entire global carbon budget and that by 2040, the plastic pollution entering the ocean is expected to triple to 29 million tonnes.  
From this month our best-selling Granola will be 100% recyclable (yes, including to inner bag too!). So, as it is Recycling Week, we want to share with you some of our top recycling tips.  
  • The inner bags from our granolas can be recycled with carrier bags in stores. So next time your trusty bag for life breaks and you take it to the supermarket to be recycled, make sure to take in your inner granola bags too! 
  • All of our pots have easy to remove sleeves, these allow for quick and simple at home recycling. For more information on your local recycling schemes click here: https://www.gov.uk/recycling-collections 
  • Next time you are out on a walk, why not take a rubbish bag along with you and pick up (and recycle) any rubbish you find along the way. 



It’s not just our pots that are recyclable! When we launched our breakfast drinks, we took the decision to avoid plastic bottles, instead choosing Tetra Park cartons. The carton is made with FSC certified paper (Forest Stewardship Certification) and is widely recycled across more than 90% of the UK. They are also supplied in 100% card wraparound cases. We sell more than 5 million cartons of our breakfast drinks each year, if we were to have the same plastic bottle as our biggest competitor this would amount to an additional 117 tonnes of plastic being introduced into the marketplace. This is a huge amount, and so we’re proud of our carton! For information on how to successfully recycle the cartons check locations for where you can drop the cartons to be collected here  www.tetrapakrecycling.co.uk. Or drop us a message on our social media @fuel10k!  


In fact, most of our packaging is now fully recyclable, and we are working towards making the entire range entirely recyclable! Did you know that worldwide shoppers use approximately 500 billion single-use plastic bags each year, this translates to around a million bags each minute! We sell tote bags on our website for £5, if you swapped your plastic bag for a reusable one it is thought people would save an average of 150 plastic bags each year! We also sell a range of cups and bottles too and are always open to innovative ideas for sustainable merchandise to help people limit their single-use plastic usage! 


Did you know that recycling is most efficient when items are reused, rather than put into recycling? This is why we encourage you to reuse your pots where possible, they can make great homes for plants, pens or other household items. Our pots can even be re-used as food storage containers - from dried chickpeas and lentils to herbs and spices. Another option could be a savings pot! We are all dreaming of our next trip abroad, and although we don’t know when it is, now’s the time to start saving. From Paris to Bali, imaginations are running wild with adventures. All you need to do is replace the cardboard around the edge with some paper – decorated with destination ideas to keep you motivated.