Let’s get planting for World Environment Day

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Celebrate World Environment Day by creating your own mini garden using FUEL10K Oat Muffin and Porridge Pots!

As a recently certified B Corp, it’s a very important day for us. Being a B Corp doesn't mean we think we're perfect. It's a recognition that we're on a journey. All of our pots are recyclable and we've set ourselves the target of having a fully recyclable range by the end of 2022. We can't wait to keep you updated on our progress! 

So, it's time to activate your green fingers and get growing (after you've fuelled up with a Double Chocolate Oat Muffin, of course). These plants are easy to grow from any windowsill or sunny spot and give you the perfect excuse to stock up on your favourite FUEL10K goodies. 



A summer staple for salads and BBQs, but did you know how easy it is to grow? Just moisten the soil before putting it in your FUEL10K pot and scattering the seeds. Keep the soil damp, allow the seeds to germinate, and the lettuce grows, harvest the leaves as needed. 


Before potting, soak the seeds in water overnight and place in a freezer bag on the windowsill for the next couple of days. When a little white sprout emerges from each seed, put some soil in your FUEL10K pot and scatter them. Use a spray bottle to keep damp and in two weeks, it should be ready to harvest!   


This herb loves direct sunshine (who doesn’t!) and plenty of water. Make sure to only plant a few seeds per FUEL10K pot and allow the top of the soil to dry out completely between watering. It should take around three weeks to grow.  

Fun fact: Did you know parsley contains more vitamin C than an orange?