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B Corp Month: Interviewing our Founders



Happy B Corp Month!

To celebrate B Corp month and 2 years of being a B Corp (that went quickly!) we have been looking back at our application journey. We have reminded ourselves of the reasons that drove our process to certification and acknowledged how the movement has been impacting us, as a business. We’ve interviewed 2 of our co-founders, Jason and Barney about all things B Corp!

 Why did we decide to become a B Corp?

 Barney - During lockdown we came across the B Corp movement. On further analysis we realised  that we were already acting very much like a B Corp but without the formal structure it could offer . We felt very aligned with the values behind the project, and set out on a journey to take on the process of applying for our own certification.

 Jason - I like to think that the B Corp way of working has been part of our DNA ever since the brand began almost 12 years ago. It felt like a natural progression to sign up and become a fully fledged B Corp. The immensely positive and entrepreneurial spirit that our business promotes, coupled with a genuine desire to ‘do business’ in the right way is what makes us a great fit for the B Corp community. For us, It really isn’t just about making money but having a purpose too. It’s about being part of a journey that we can all be tremendously proud of. 

 What was the process like?

 Barney - To become a B Corp is no easy feat, there are hundreds of questions, a lot of policies, questionnaires and detail, but crossing the finish line made it entirely worth it. You have to submit an in-depth audit of your company with evidence to back up each point. The idea is that the process is ongoing and centred around improvement. Every 3 years you reapply. We’re currently just beginning our re-certification process with the hope to beat our previous score.

 What makes FUEL10K a B Corp?

Barney - Intertwined within our makeup is a people-focused culture. Self development, individual expression and the health and wellbeing of our team is a priority. Ways we’ve implemented this include our WFH flexibility (which we had in place pre-pandemic), a ‘gym on our time’ scheme, as well as an annual health and wellbeing allowance. We’re committed to creating an enjoyable experience for everyone who works with and around us as well as anyone effected by what we do. We’ve also aligned ourself to 5 of the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’S) and the way we operate is very much linked to these. For example, aligning with the ‘life on land’ SDG, we work closely with Clunes farm, supporting their ecology and biodiversity plan. Additionally, we have an ongoing partnership with Fareshare, in which we’ve donated over 1 million portions of porridge to help provide meals for vulnerable people.

 How does being a B Corp influence the day to day activities at FUEL10K?

Barney - FUEL10K has always been committed to improvement and being a force for good. For example, leading the change on the reduction of plastic on porridge pots. We may have just done this and moved on but becoming a B Corp provided us with a way to structure and measure the systems and processes behind how we action our values.

 Jason - Being a B Corp brings much greater clarity to what we do and how we go about our daily business life. Whenever we have decisions to make on products, or people, or the activities our ‘B Corp’ badge ensures a commitment make sure that those decisions are being made for the right reasons. I think that sums it up perfectly really.

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