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High Protein Chocolate Banana Bread

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High protein, delicious and chocolatey, this is the ultimate banana bread! You may have made dozens of loaves during the first lockdown, but banana bread is the perfect way to use up those brown bananas at the bottom of the fruit bowl. Also, we bet you’ve never made it this way before 

This recipe is flour free, using The Complete Meal instead for a smooth chocolate flavour. Just like a Complete Meal shake – this will keep you fuelled throughout the day and can even be enjoyed for breakfast! What more could you want?  

Makes 1 loaf  


- 110g butter 

- 3 ripe bananas 

- 2 large eggs 

- 1 tsp vanilla extract/flavouring 

- 250g FUEL10K Complete Meal (chocolate flavour) 

100g granulated sugar 

- 1 tsp baking powder 

- 1/2 tsp salt 



- Preheat the oven to 180C and line a loaf tin with baking paper. 

- Microwave the butter in a microwave-safe dish until completely melted before adding the bananas and mashing with a fork.  

- Once smooth, add both eggs and vanilla extract before mixing. There should be no yellow streaks of egg remaining.  

Using a sieve, add the baking powder and The Complete Meal to the bowl. Then, add the sugar and salt before using an electric whisk on a low setting to combine all the ingredients.  

- Once smooth, pour the batter into the pre-prepared loaf tin and bake for around 50 minutes. Try inserting a skewer into the middle to see if the loaf is cooked. If it comes out clean – it’s done!  

- Allow to cool for half an hour before topping with some melted chocolate (optional) and covering each slice in big helping of our Chocolate Peanut Butter.