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Brighten your September with our Frappes


With the sun making some brief appearance's we're taking the opportunity to relive those summer vibes, and is there anything more summery than a refreshing frappe? We've used our Protein Breakfast milk drinks for a healthy twist on the popular drink! With a whopping 20g of protein in each drink, added vitamins and fibre, these frappes are delicious and nutritious! Check out the two recipes below, and ensure your day starts right come rain or shine!


Chocolate Frappe


- Chocolate Protein Breakfast Drink
- Ice
- Chocolate peanut butter
- Optional for toppings: Shaved chocolate, Chocolate stick



1. Add breakfast drink and ice to a blender
2. As they blend, coat a glass in Peanut Butter
3. Add milk to the glass, and top with any chocolate toppings



Strawberry Frappe


- Strawberry Protein Breakfast Drink
- Ice
- Banana
- Optional toppings: Super Berry Granola, Strawberries



Add breakfast drink, ice and banana to blender
Top blended drink with granola, banana and a strawberry


As shown, they couldn't be easier to make... the only difficult part is choosing which flavour to make!