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Dalgona (Whipped) Coffee



If you haven’t heard of or seen the Dalgona (whipped) coffee trend on social media, then look no further because we are bringing it to you. This coffee trend has taken over the online world and only uses milk, coffee granules and a whisk to make it, yes, that simple! So, we thought we would give you the protein boosted FUEL10K version.


- 1 tbs instant coffee granules
- 1 tbs boiling water
- 1 cup of ice
- 1 bottle of FUEL10K vanilla protein breakfast drink (set aside 1 tbs for mixing) 


1.  In a big mixing bowl add the coffee granules, boiling water and 1 tbs of FUEL10K vanilla protein breakfast drink.
2. Using a hand whisk, mix the ingredients until all the coffee granules have been dissolved and the mixture becomes frothy.
3. In a cup, add ice cubes and add the FUEL10K vanilla protein breakfast drink but leave space at the top (around 2cm)
4. Then scoop the whipped coffee mixture and add to the top of the vanilla drink.



And there you have it! A protein boosted FUEL10K Dalgona whipped coffee drink. Let us know if you try this at home and tag us in all your creations!