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Celebrate Earth Day with these simple swaps to make your daily routine more sustainable

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We’ve all watched Seaspiracy by now, and been desperately thinking about what we can do to help the environment. But, it can seem overwhelming. Where do we start?!  

The trick to success? Start small and work your way upWe have recently become a B Corporation, a group of businesses that pledge to balance purpose and profit. As part of this, we are working to ensure our entire range will be fully recyclable by the end of 2022. But, as well as buying our products, there’s plenty more you can do 

We’ve put together a list of simple swaps you can make around the house to begin living an eco-friendlier lifestyle to celebrate Earth Day 2021.  



Plastic toothbrush -> Bamboo toothbrush   

You should replace your toothbrush every three monthsmeaning we all throw away four plastic toothbrushes each year because they are not recycled. This every year for the rest of your life adds up to A LOT. But if you swap to bamboo? It biodegrades, along with more being sustainable because its fast-growing. They have the same cleaning power, but less of the guilt.  


Disposable cutlery–> Bring your own 

We love a picnic but picking up plastic forks to eat with is unnecessary when you have plenty at home! An alternative is having some portable bamboo ones in the bottom of your bag (preferably a FUEL10K Tote!). With pubs open again and seeing our friends outsideit looks like we have plenty of impromptu meals ahead.  


Plastic straw –> Metal straw  

Plastic straws are one of the top ten debris items ingested by sea life. If that fact alone isn’t enough to make you swap from the non reusable choice, we don’t know what is. Most metal straws come with a cleaning brush for easy use, and they come in a variety of designs. The perfect gift for your sustainable friend on their birthday.  


Bottles of shampoo/soap –> Bars  

Looking for a lasting and sustainable solution for your daily shower? Bars are the answer. They’re more concentrated than a normal bottle of shampoo because of the lack of water on the ingredient list and take up far less space on the shelf. So, while they may cost slightly more than your usual shampoo, they’ll last a lot longer and smell just as delicious. 

These shampoo and conditioner bars from Nut & Noggin are rich in amino acids to give you soft, shiny hair without the waxy residue. A win for your hair and the environment! 



Tubes of toothpaste –> Toothpaste tabs  

These convenient tablets are great for daily use. Just keep them near the sink in an airtight container (try reusing one of our pots with a bowl covering) and reach for them when needed. You can even order them online in plastic free containers for next day delivery. If youre worried about not having fresh breath, they come in a variety of flavours, including mint. This swap is so easyyou have no excuse not to try it.  


Face wipes –> Face cloths  

Be kind to your skin and the world we live in by swapping from face wipes to face cloths. They are easy to clean, remove make-up with a couple of drops of cleanser, and reusable. Simply pop in the washing machine when you wash your clothes or clean by hand. It’s an effortless way to say goodbye to wipes for good 


Google –> Ecosia  

Ecosia uses the profits they make from searches to plant trees where they are needed most. It might sound too good to be true, but they use search ads to generate their income when you browse the web. This has allowed them to plant over 93 million trees across the world to help farmers, with support from over 15 million users. All you need to do is download the free extension on Chrome and get searching.  


Plastic bag –> FUEL10K Tote bag 

Not only will this save you money overall (those 10p bag charges add up!), but it’s also much better for the environment. Our cotton tote bags are not only strong, but eye-catchingly stylish and fold away to minimise space when not in use. What are you waiting for, FILL 'EM UP!