Jody Jones

Jody Jones

Our Fuel Your Journey winner for this month is Jody Jones, an open water swimming training to swim the English Channel in 2018 –

I took up swimming again after a 20 year break in 2012 due to falling in love with open water swimming after being inspired by the London 2012 Olympics. After struggling to swim 400m breaststroke across Lulworth Cove in Dorset, within a year I’d completed my first 10km swim in the River Dart and swum from Alcatraz across San Francisco Bay.

Since then I’ve done various swim events ranging from 10-14km, completed an English Channel swim camp in Dover, an English Channel relay and a Windermere One Way swim (10.5 miles). I’ve not worn a wet-suit in nearly 3 years, swim all year round in open water and am currently training towards achieving a childhood dream of swimming the English Channel in August 2018.

I’ll be swimming from Dover to France in just a swimming costume, swim hat and goggles, doing my best to avoid the jellyfish in the busiest shipping lane in the world, in water of between 15-17 C.

I work full time, run a community choir and have 2 young children, life is very busy so proper fuelling is vital. I’m currently swimming between 18-30km per week. By the time my swim comes around I will have swum approximately 2200-2500km since booking my Channel swim 2 years ago. I am extremely passionate about this wonderful sport and have had the privilege of swimming with some incredibly inspiring people since I started on my journey to attempt to become a Channel Swimmer.

I will be raising money for Blesma – The Limbless Veterans Charity, a wonderful charity that is very close to my heart – www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jodyschannelswim2018.