6 UNARGUABLE reasons why Autumn is the Best Time to Get Fit

6 UNARGUABLE reasons why Autumn is the Best Time to Get Fit
20th September 2018 FUEL10K
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Maybe you’re contemplating a new fitness regime or perhaps upping your regular workout? Either way there’s is NO better time to start afresh or dig a little deeper. Here are 7 unarguable reasons why:

1. It’s not Spring

Often starting a fitness program in Spring is to get beach ready, lose that that tyre and stride about the beach like a Greek God or Goddess. But the truth is that as the weather improves so does one’s social life. We go out more, we socialise more, we drink more. And we haven’t even mentioned nachos yet. It’s harder to build momentum.

2. It’s not Winter

New Year’s Resolutions rarely resolve. In fact they’re replaced with a nagging sense of guilt and an easy lapse into procrastination. But that’s no surprise! Winter tempts us into hibernation mode. It’s dark, wet and cold outside and the killer-of-ambition, the snooze button, is but an easy tap away.

3. The Weather

There’s something rather about getting up while the day is breaking and watching the sun’s rays break through the morning’s fog. It brings a whole new level of enchantment to your morning power walk or run – another reason to face that 6am alarm clock.

4. The FOOD!

Bountiful beetroots, pumpkin, squash, carrots, potatoes and aubergines bring the colour of the season to our table and a greater range of vitamins and nutrients to our diet. There’s nothing like roasting veggies in the Autumn and bringing the colours of the outside to the kitchen table. And let’s not forget (AHEM) FUEL10K Porridge Pots to rev you up after a morning workout!

5. Emptier Gyms!

Fact! They are. There’s no swelling of crowds due to post Christmas weight gain AND a lot of gym franchises are putting on offers to tempt you in.

6. Leaves

Running THROUGH and jumping IN leaves. Say no more.

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