6 tips to stay Fit and Fuelled this winter

6 tips to stay Fit and Fuelled this winter
28th November 2016 FUEL10K
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6 tips to stay Fit and Fuelled this winter

The clocks went back a month ago and suddenly the nights are arriving before you’ve thought about clocking off for the day. Keeping motivated can be hard – whatever your activity of choice – so FUEL10K has 6 pointers to keep you going through the winter months.

1. Tomorrow never comes

It’s damn easy to be very confident that you’ll activate your Winter Fitness Plan only to find that Spring has arrived, you never even got your trainers on, and your belt seems to have shrunk a couple of sizes. MAKE A PLAN and it doesn’t matter how simple it is – then DO IT. Today. Whether it’s 30 minutes at lunch or an hour in the evening, ringfence it and treat it as sacred.

2. Begin before you begin

This one really matters – it’s cold out there and your body won’t appreciate being thrown straight into it. A warm-up’s always important, but never so much as now. Whatever your sport, take a few minutes to get your muscles warmed up before heading out. Just don’t stay warming up until it’s time to come home again.

3. Be Donkey about it

The carrot and stick thing, you know. Well, more the carrot really, we prefer them. Give yourself a goal – sign up for a Tough Mudder in the Spring, and every cold hour’s effort will feel like you’re heading towards something worthwhile. Summer holiday planned? Think about how toned you’ll be by then. I know, a bit much maybe, but it helps!

running shoes in puddle

4. Kit – old and trusted or shiny and new

If you’ve got it and it works, great. If you’re like most of us, buying something new may well make you get out there and use it. Either way you need to dress for the weather – you know yourself and your sport so I won’t waste time talking about hats and gloves and layers – but don’t freeze out there, and don’t get caught out by the dark! Bright clothing and lights will keep you safe if you’re out on the roads.

5. Fuelling up

You’re going to burn up a lot more energy in the cold, so load up with what you need both pre- and post-exercise. Here at FUEL10K we focus on Protein boosts and breakfast, so if that’s what you need come check it out here. Whatever gets you up and running at full speed, don’t be caught short – chuck an extra pack/bar/pouch in a pocket. Also, don’t underestimate how much water you need – sweat disappears into the cold, dry air, and it’s easy to forget how much you’re dehydrating.

6. Don’t suffer alone

We’re not suggesting you pop into our office every day for a whine and a moan (although if you do I can promise you a free protein boost and a hug at the worst), but if the challenge is feeling too steep, find some company. There are tons of clubs, forums and secret sects for everything from jogging to extreme ironing – so whatever your choice of activity, if you start losing your drive get someone else’s behind you before you give up! Alternatively it’s a free liquid breakfast and a hug from me at the FUEL10K office – your choice.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck out there, from all of us at FUEL10K

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