6 reasons why OATS<br>FLOAT your BOAT

6 reasons why OATS FLOAT your BOAT
6th January 2017 FUEL10K
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It’s time to celebrate the wonder of Oats – check out the awesomeness of this simple little grain that’s been keeping us fit and healthy for thousands of years.

Toatally nutritious

Firstly, apologies for the oat pun, there may be more of them… Oats are about as good as it gets in nutritional terms with loads of fibre, more Protein than most grains and an amazing array of minerals and vitamins, all rolled into a seriously low calorie packet. If you’re looking for healthy energy, look no further.

Reduces Cholesterol

A 25 year study by Harvard university found that oats reduce cholesterol levels, and so help reduce the risk of heart disease. The scientists aren’t entirely sure how it works but most agree that there is a two-fold approach. Firstly, the Beta-glucan fibre in oats has the unique ability to form a gel-like solution (as you see in your porridge bowl each morning) which slows the absorption of fats and cholesterol in the body.

Secondly, the same fibre binds with high-cholesterol acids in the body and instead of allowing them to be re-digested, carries them through the digestive system and out of the body. More porridge + less heart disease = No brainer.


Great source of PrOATein

See what I did there? More than 20% of the energy in FUEL10K porridge pots is protein-derived, offering an easy breakfast with all the right ingredients to get you charged up for the day. Oats are the only source of the Avenalin protein, which is used widely in muscle-building powders and shakes for its perfect ratios of all 9 essential amino acids. Clever old oats.

High on full, low on fat

The fibre in oats helps release a hormone called peptide YY which triggers feelings of satiety so that you feel full for longer. The Beta-Glucan fibre also slows down the speed at which your stomach processes food, which also helps to keep you from reaching for that extra mid-morning snack.

Healthy bodies, Happy minds

A proven ingredient in the menu for a healthy body and mind, oats are packed with antioxidants and help to control blood sugar levels – an increasingly important function in a world with soaring diabetes rates. They also assist the body with the release of ‘happy hormones’, which is a very welcome bonus as the winter blues start setting in!

Epic randomness

Oats have developed a lot of random superstitions and weird facts over the years, some of which are worth sharing so you’ve got some interesting chat at the breakfast table… Did you know that stirring porridge with the left hand or stirring it anti-clockwise is thought to invite the devil and bring bad luck?  I tried it this morning and I’m having a great day so far. Traditionally, scots shepherds would fill up a drawer with porridge once a week and then slice off a portion each day – that one might test the patience of your partner though, let me know if you try it.

If you don’t want to stock up on porridge now, I don’t know what to say! Our FUEL10K porridge pots are available in the supermarkets or online here – thanks for reading, and have an oatally awesome January…

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