3 Tips:

Getting the best out of your Workout

3 Tips: Get the best out of your Workout
11th October 2018 Sarah
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SO…you’re committed to regular workouts.  Good for you! To hit your fitness goals, you may also want to think about how you fuel your body — both before and after you exercise.

Want to burn fat? Build muscle? Either way, there are three ways to help your muscles recover.  And “coincidentally” we at FUEL10K have some remarkable products to help you do just that.  So forgive the clunky marketing mentions, buckle up and let’s get your workout really working for you!


Fuel Up!

So, what should you eat before you hit the gym?  Savvy athletes know that eating the right foods before a workout can give you the necessary fuel to make it through the last ten minutes on the treadmill or through that last set of squats.

Before any work out, it’s best to eat something containing carbohydrates. You want foods that will give you sustained energy; burning poor fuel is like trying to run your car without gas.  When your “gas tank” is on empty, your body starts to break down amino acids from your muscle mass and converts them to glucose for energy. Instead of burning fat, you’re in danger of breaking down valuable muscle tissue.

So, *Product Push Klaxon!* giving your body a good 30 minute window to digest, grab a small piece of toast or bagel, liberally spread with some FUEL10K Nut Butter or a small bowl of Fruit Loaded Granola; and if you’re planning to workout in your lunch break or after work, a mid morning/mid afternoon Porridge Pot will also hit the spot to give your body a sustained release of energy as you hit the gym.  Including some protein in your pre-workout meal may also help reduce post-exercise muscle soreness, and luckily our Granola and Porridge are properly protein boosted.  See?  We’ve thought of everything!



During your workout and immediately afterwards, you KNOW to drink plenty of water. But what you may not realise is that drinking water not only replenishes the water that’s lost when you sweat but also replaces the electrolytes, sodium and glucose and helps your body recover.

All you coffee drinkers out there will be pleased to know caffeine can have performance-enhancing effects, according to the British Coffee Association. Caffeine can decrease glycogen use earlier in the session by up to 50%, saving glycogen for later in the session (increasing endurance), and increasing fat burn. However, caffeine is also a diuretic so you’ll need to increase your fluid intake.


Ahhh… Recovery!

Eating within 30 to 60 minutes of your workout is critical. Not only will it help in muscle repair and recovery, but it can also reduce your body fat.  To repair muscle damage, your body needs protein, which is made up of amino acids, the building blocks for your muscles. An adequate supply of protein will help your muscles recover from workout stress, especially if you engage in weight-bearing exercise, such as weight-training or jogging.  A common misconception is that your body needs mostly protein after a workout, but you also need some carbs too for muscle repair.  Any post-workout meal should contain a mix of carbohydrates and protein. Anyone whose goal is to build strength and muscle should eat a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein to ensure adequate muscle repair and recovery.

And guess what……..FUEL10K can also help out with this.  Our Breakfast drinks come with an extra 20 grams of protein and our delicious new Oat Cookies are also high in protein and fibre –  both perfect to tuck into your gym bag to enjoy in a blissful post-workout state!

So, sorry about the hard sell, but at FUEL10K, it’s been our MISSION to create delicious, convenient products with you and your fitness goals in mind.  We are right behind you all the way to FUEL your journey.  Go smash it!

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