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  • Aug072016
    Protiflakes Snacks

    Hidden Protein Ninja Snacks

    Hidden inside the FUEL10k breakfast range are the building blocks to a snack making arsenal! Become a ninja at crafting protein snacks that will delight the senses and deliver that much needed protein boost. Anything from protein bombs, to porridge/puddings…

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  • Jul132016

    Functional Strength

    We are slowly – but almost definitely – developing into a society where strength, endurance and health takes precedence over appearance. Gone (almost) are those days when we all stood in front of the mirror and looked at our biceps!…

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  • Jul062016

    Are you a Tough Mudder?

    What’s Tough Mudder? So we’ve teamed up with Tough Mudder as the official breakfast partner! What’s tough Mudder you ask? Are you serious?! It’s one of the most hardcore obstacle courses on the planet. In addition to a lengthy run,…

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  • May092016

    Breaking The Fast

    Modern life is convenient with fridges, freezers, ovens – making cooking and eating a dance on roses. Life for our neanderthal ancestors was a tad less convenient. More often than not they only ate when food was available, thus fasting…

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  • Apr012016

    Less oxygen for more results?

    Fitness trends come and go like fashion trends, with every season. From drastic diets, eating windows post workout, to whether the benefits of jogging is just a myth. More recently how wearing masks that (almost) recreate the sense of exercising…

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