Interview with Drew Collins as he starts his Wild Peaks Walk challenge

Interview with Drew Collins as he starts his Wild Peaks Walk challenge
20th April 2017 FUEL10K
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This week we’re catching up with our first ever Fuel Your Journey winner, Drew Collins, who starts his Wild Peaks Walk challenge this Tuesday. Not content with just climbing the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales, Drew is going to walk the whole route from Ben Nevis, down through the peak district and Scafell Pike, and into Wales to finish with Mount Snowdon.

Drew, how are you feeling with less than a week to go?
When I think about it I’m mostly filled with excitement. Nobody has attempted to do this before, so knowing that in one month I may be able to say “I was the first person to ever walk the three peaks challenge” is a damn good feeling.

What made you decide to do this?
Mountains have all been climbed and most trails have been hiked, I craved to do something bold yet unique. Wild Peaks Walk was the answer to that craving.

What are the biggest concerns/challenges about the Wild Peaks Walk?
I am worried about morale for certain parts, for example I have a a portion where I need to follow the several A/B roads from New Lanark to Carlisle and road walking will likely get quite mundane at times, which in turn has an effect on morale.

Where are you going to sleep along the way?
Anywhere that’s suitable to pitch a tent. The morning/evening views will be superb in the highland and the lakes, but waking up to the sound of B7076 will not be so glamourous.

What’s your training schedule been like?
Hard if I am honest, I was in a superb rhythm prior to Christmas and then the red wine and mince pies were everywhere! It took me a while to get back in the routine of staying healthy but I feel confident and am in good shape.

How do you rate FUEL10K as a training aid?
I’d say FUEL10K is the perfect aid to not only training, but also a busy lifestyle. If I am running late in the morning I can throw a porridge pot in my bag and post workout I can open a Quark (holy Christmas that stuff is good!).

Apart from a long sleep in a comfy bed, what’s next after this?
Firstly will be post walk press, plus I have a few editorial pieces that will need writing up and finishing, plus lot’s of content to sort through and a video series to edit. After all of that I want to get back to the larger mountains, at the moment I have Elbrus in my sights so fingers crossed I can focus on that once all is done and dusted.

Good Luck Drew! You can keep up with the action on Instagram and Twitter or search @drewjohncollins #wildpeakswalk

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